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Community Advisors

The Trinity College Community Advisors (CAs) are undergraduate students who live in residence, and whose role is to build, promote, and maintain safe, supportive, and inclusive residence communities at the College. Through formal and informal programs, events, and activities, the CAs will support the mission of the Office of the Dean of Students in promoting the personal and academic growth and development of students, and support their transition to university and residence life. Residence students are encouraged to contact their CAs if they have fun and exciting ideas for programs and events they’d like to see in the community!

Meet your Community Advisors 2023-2024

Community Advisor
CA for Roost and Owen
Community Advisor
CA for 3rd Darroch, 3rd Burgess, 3rd Kirkwood and 3rd Massey
Community Advisor
CA for Sub Rowlinson and 1st Rowlinson
Community Advisor
CA for 3rd, 4th Seager and 5th Cosgrave
Community Advisor
CA for 2nd Kirkwood, 2nd Burgess, 2nd Darroch and 2nd Massey

If you have any questions about residence at Trinity College, please contact:

Office of the Dean of Students