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International Relations Stream


The Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program’s International Relations stream introduces and examines some of the most challenging international issues of our time. Students tackle issues in areas that range from the history of national sovereignty to current debates on intervention, as well as questions related to war and peace, and issues in global social and economic policies. Recent courses have included: the outbreak of the world wars, counter-terrorism, drone warfare, human rights, poverty and inequality, public health, global crime and global environmental degradation.

The University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy is located at Trinity College and offers access to seminars, speaker series, conferences, symposia and roundtables.

While the International Relations stream is a good option for students interested in further study in International Relations, many students have also gone on to academic pursuits in History, Political Science, Economics and many other fields in the humanities and social sciences.  



Students in the International Relations stream enroll in two Trinity One seminar credits in their first year as part of the typical 5.0 credit load in first year.

TRN150Y: National Versus International

*Not Offered 2021-2022*

The international system today faces extraordinary challenges. Understanding these challenges requires understanding the past. This seminar course briefly reviews the origins and development of the international system from the 17th century through the age of empires and the great wars of the 20th century. It then concentrates on the clash of nationalism with internationalism in the world since 1945, looking at such issues as what drives nationalism and what alternatives there are to it. We will study ideas and ideologies as well as the institutions that make up the current geopolitical world.

Breadth Requirement: 2) Thought, Belief and Behaviour + 3) Society and Its Institutions

TRN151Y: Global Governance

Terrorism, the proliferation of arms (including weapons of mass destruction), environmental degradation, globalization, technological change and the rise of non-state actors all pose challenges to statecraft and the management of global order. This seminar course explores the changing dynamics of global politics and the responses to them by states (and others). Topics will include an examination of new forms of international collaboration that have developed in the wake of crises in the years following the Second World War.

Breadth Requirement: 2) Thought, Belief and Behaviour + 3) Society and Its Institutions

TRN152Y: Justice & Global Conflict

Modern states face both new and familiar challenges to protecting national security. National insecurity threatens a country’s capacity to protect the well-being of its citizens while at the same time participating in international organizations and treaties. This course explores the origins and management of international conflict from the 17th to the 21st century, focusing on the precursors to war and the markers of peace. We will also consider the ways in which our current global world order promotes and preserves justice between and within nations. Students will consider different theoretical approaches to justice between nations, and apply them to recent security issues. By studying the history of conflict and the difference between justice and injustice students will gain a deeper understanding of how current geopolitical actors can structure and affect the prospects for security policy reform moving forward.

Breadth Requirement: 2) Thought, Belief and Behaviour + 3) Society and Its Institutions

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Many students in the International Relations stream consider going on to the University of Toronto’s undergraduate International Relations major or specialist program, hosted by Trinity College. Trinity One International Relations stream courses can be counted towards the prerequisites for entry into the International Relations Program as well as the requirements for completing the major or specialist.

Many students also use the strong grounding in history provided by the International Relations stream to pursue programs in History. Students interested in the political issues often seek out programs in Political Science or Peace, Conflict & Justice.

The University of Toronto’s Ethics, Society & Law (ES&L) undergraduate major program, hosted by Trinity College is also one possible destination for students from the International Relations stream of Trinity One. The seminars taken in the International Relations stream can count towards the entry requirements for ES&L.


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