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Faculty of Divinity


  • Part of the Anglican Church of Canada, one of its oldest centres for theological study (est.1841) and committed to serving the whole Church;
  • For two decades also serving Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians with courses and concentrations in Orthodox studies;
  • A place to discern vocation to holy orders or lay ministry;
  • A place to engage in doctoral level research in theology and religion;
  • Welcoming of those whose tradition has no community within the Toronto School of Theology;
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS);
  • A gender-balanced and inclusive community;
  • A founding and proud member of the Toronto School of Theology, the largest and most inclusive ecumenical theological enterprise in the world, to whose resources our students have full access;
  • Grounded in the Church’s catholic tradition and informed by a liberal educational ethos;
  • A community of excellence allowing for flexibility of individual learning;
  • engaged with contemporary liturgical, spiritual and pastoral practices;
  • A place of spiritual growth and formation;
  • Connected to local church communities;
  • Engaged with current issues of society;
  • Located within the University of Toronto with access to one of the top five research library systems in North America;
  • Proud of Trinity College’s John W. Graham Library, which provides diverse and excellent resources in Anglican studies; and
  • In the centre of Toronto, the world’s most culturally diverse city!


The Faculty of Divinity attempts to foster theological study in all disciplines with academic rigour and honesty and to provide an opportunity for all who would benefit from theological education to have access to it.

Learn about the areas of expertise among our faculty and teaching staff
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Faculty of Divinity
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