Divinity Class & Executive


All students enrolled in the Faculty of Divinity form the Divinity Class. The Divinity Class meets regularly, elects its own executive officers, and exercises the functions of student government. The chief student officers are the Co-Heads of Divinity, who by virtue of that office shares in the government of Trinity College and the Faculty of Divinity on many levels. Divinity Class representatives serve on the Faculty of Divinity and Trinity College committees.

Divinity Heads 2019-2020

Adam Mccomb
Alexandra Mcintosh

Divinity Class Executive 2019-2020

1st year rep: Jacob Friesen
2nd Year rep: Position not filled
3rd year rep: Martha Riddell
Part time Rep: Claire Bramma
AD Rep: Rob Walker
Secretary: Susan Smandych
Treasurer: Lora Crighton
Orthodox rep: Yuri Hladio
Events committee chair: Yohan Dumpala
Retreat coordinator: Claire Bramma
Social media coordinator: Martha Riddell
TST rep: Todne Bryan

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