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Supports for Students

The Trinity One Program Coordinator’s office is your first point of contact as a student in the program. Students can direct Trinity One and general student inquiries to Sharon Reid, Program Coordinator (Acting).

The coordinator’s office will provide students with supports related to:

  • Trinity One course registration
  • first-year advising
  • course selection and timetabling
  • degree/program advising
  • research, work study and job search

The coordinator’s office also organizes weekly Tuesday co-curricular lunches. These events typically feature guest speakers, information sessions and professional development workshops. If we can’t answer your question, we will refer you to the many other resources available to you as a Trinity One student such as:

Supports Within the Trinity One Program

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Supports Offered by the Trinity College Registrar’s Office

Academic Advisors (Clickable)Accessibility Advisor (Clickable)Career Advisor (Clickable)

Other Supports Offered by Trinity College

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Contact Us:

Sharon Reid
Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program Coordinator (Acting)