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Trinity One Mentors

2022 – 2023 Mentorship Team

The Trinity One program is pleased to have stream mentors for each of our streams. These students successfully completed Trinity One and will be available to offer guidance to current first-year Trinity One students and prospective students.

Swanee Douglas

Senior Mentor, Anne Steacy Biomedical Health

Christina Tao

Second-Year Mentor, Anne Steacy Biomedical Health

Nicholas Damiano

Senior Mentor, Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health

Eugene Seo

Second-Year Mentor, Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health

Madeleine Frechette

Senior Mentor, Butterfield Environment & Sustainability

Yang Jing (Aimie) Zheng

Second-Year Mentor, Butterfield Environment & Sustainability

Regina Chong

Quinn Teague-Colfer

Senior Mentor, International Relations

Da Seul (Regina) Chong

Second-Year Mentor, International Relations

Rio Tang

Senior Mentor, Policy, Philosophy & Economics

Jolie Gan

Second-Year Mentor, Policy, Philosophy & Economics

Garyn Rickwood

Senior Mentor, Ethics, Society & Law

Jessica Wang

Second-Year Mentor, Ethics, Society & Law