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Trinity One Mentors

2021 – 2022 Mentorship Team

The Trinity One program is pleased to have stream mentors for each of our streams. These students successfully completed Trinity One and will be available to offer guidance to current first-year Trinity One students and prospective students.

Biomedical Health Stream Mentors

Nicholas Damiano, TRIN

Programs: Biochemistry (Major), Fundamental Genetics and Its Applications (Major)

Hometown: Vaughan, ON

Nicholas’ experience in the Biomedical Health Program was an irreplaceable one that enriched his first year of university and allowed him to explore his interests in the medical field. He felt that the program opened him up to the world of research and provided him with valuable knowledge and skills that he will hold onto forever. Nicholas continued to be a part of TrinOne as a second-year mentor for the BH stream.

When he is not in school, Nicholas can be found reading books, listening to music or watching the newest movie. Nicholas also works as a tutor, volunteers at a peer support line, and is a peer mentor for FLC in his spare time. He has a passion for helping people which was part of the reason he chose to become a second-year mentor for the BH stream. He enjoyed the experience and has planned to continue with TrinOne this year as the senior BH mentor. As a mentor, Nicholas hopes to help incoming students on their journey through TrinOne and their first year at UofT. He encourages students to reach out if they have questions about anything or even if they need someone to talk to.

Swanee Douglas, TRIN

Programs: Neuroscience (Specialist), Mathematics (Minor)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Swanee wholeheartedly enjoyed her experience in the Trinity One Program and is thrilled to return as a mentor. She carries with her many lessons rooted in the Biomedical Health Stream – a heightened knowledge of critical appraisal skills, an enhanced ability to ask good questions, and a more multidimensional understanding of research from the benchtop to clinic. These lessons come to life every day during Swanee’s biophysics research with the Focused Ultrasound group at Sunnybrook Research Institute and her evolutionary biology Research Opportunities Program project at U of T. Outside of class, Swanee enjoys exploring the city, listening to live music, and learning new languages. She is also working towards her second dan blackbelt in taekwondo and yoga teacher certification. Swanee is excited for the upcoming year and the chance to meet and mentor incoming Trinity One students.


Medicine & Global Health Stream Mentors

Felice Chun, TRIN

Programs: Immunology (Major) and Global Health (Major)

Hometown: Markham, ON

Felice is a fourth-year student who had the wonderful opportunity to complete the Biomedical Health stream. The Trinity One program allowed Felice to find meaningful friendships which have lasted throughout her degree. Furthermore, she learned how to critically analyze scientific material and continues to use these skills in her upper year classes. Outside of class, Felice enjoys playing piano, exploring new restaurants with her friends, and spending time outdoors. She welcomes you to UofT and is beyond excited to meet you all this year!

Amelia Marlowe, TRIN

Programs: Anthropology (Major), Ethics, Society, & Law (Major)

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia/Toronto, ON

Amelia is an Indonesian-Canadian who moved to Toronto from Jakarta, Indonesia. Being one of the only Social Science students in this stream challenged Amelia to step out of her comfort zone. This challenge introduced her to an interdisciplinary and nuanced approach to health that helped her discover her love for health policy and global health! When she is not stressing over an assignment, Amelia loves to read, try new coffee beans, and go to the gym! Amelia is looking forward to meeting and engaging with all the new Medicine and Global Health students. She is always open to answer any questions about TrinOne and UofT in general and support students throughout their first year!


Environment & Sustainability Stream Mentors

Madeleine Frechette, TRIN

Programs: Criminology & Sociolegal Studies (Major), Environmental Studies (Major), Indigenous Studies (Minor)

Hometown: Pickering, ON

Madeleine was born and raised in Pickering, a small city in the Greater Toronto Area. In her first year at Trinity College, she participated in the Trinity One program as a student in the Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream. Last year, she was a second-year mentor for the program and loved being able to connect with new and prospective students from her former stream. Over the 2021 summer, she worked as a research assistant for the Trinity College Sustainable Food Systems Research Group and Feeding the City: Pandemic & Beyond. She hopes to continue her ongoing research on the impacts of environmental justice on individuals and communities marked as marginal by intersecting identities of race, class, gender, Indigeneity, and queerness. Outside of research, she enjoys adding to her ever-growing record collection and exploring provincial parks with friends! Madeleine would like to welcome all incoming students to the Trinity One program and looks forward to mentoring them this year!

Claire Voss, UC

Programs: Environmental Science (Major), Equity and Solidarity Studies (Major), Environmental Biology (Minor)

Hometown: Minneapolis, MIN, USA

Claire was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and, after her gap year, moved to Toronto in September 2020 to begin her studies. The highlight of her first year was participating in the Trinity One Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream. She enjoyed the opportunity to strengthen her public speaking skills while also enriching her love for nature and the environment around her. Although her year of Trinity One was online, it was an incredibly integrative and valuable experience, and she is so excited to continue her involvement with the program. Claire is hugely looking forward to meeting this new cohort of Trinity One students, and is available anytime if any student is in need of support. Be it the transition to university, Trinity One assignments, or just needing someone to talk to, Claire is there for her students!

Other than being a second year mentor, Claire is the Co-President of UC US, a sexual assault survivor support coalition at University College. When not doing school work, you can find her trying new restaurants, exploring the city, and learning new languages!


International Relations Stream Mentors

Tessa Di Vizio, TRIN

Programs: International Relations (Major), Political Science (Major), and History (Minor)

Hometown: Vaughan, ON

Tessa is interested in researching the global Cold War, with a focus on identity and nationalism, as well as intelligence history. She enjoyed her experience in the International Relations stream of TrinOne and has served as a second-year mentor and program assistant. Outside of class, Tessa is the VP-Student Engagement of IRSOC and edits multiple undergraduate journals on campus. She is a Jackman Scholar, participating in an intensive undergraduate research fellowship through the Jackman Humanities Institute during the summer. Tessa looks forward to meeting the incoming TrinOne students and is always open to chat!

Isabella Li, TRIN

Programs: Contemporary Asian Studies (Major), Political Science (Minor), Diaspora and Transnational Studies (Minor)

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Isabella loved the Trinity One International Relations program, which challenged her writing and critical thinking skills. It gave her the exposure to a breadth of key IR themes while offering an in-depth look into a topic of her choice. She really wishes her first year with Trinity One was in-person, but being a second-year mentor to the new cohort is the next best thing! Feel free to reach out to chat about anything.


Policy, Philosophy & Economics Stream Mentors

Jacob Li, INNIS

Programs: Economics (Major), Public Policy (Major)

Hometown: Port Moody, BC

For Jacob, his participation in Trinity One’s Policy, Philosophy & Economics Stream was a highlight in an entirely-online first year of university. Not only did Trinity One allow him to explore areas he never thought he would study, such as philosophy, but it also pushed him to think critically about economics and examine the shortcomings and blind spots in traditional economic thinking. As such, Jacob hopes to use his Trinity One experience as an interdisciplinary foundation for future studies in economics, potentially at the graduate level.

Outside of class, you can find Jacob debating in the Hart House Debate Club, planning events as Sustainability Director at the Innis College Student Society, and playing violin in the Hart House Chamber Strings. He also enjoys pencil sketching, amateur astronomy, and reading science fiction novels in his spare time. Now entering his second year, Jacob is excited to share his U of T experience and help incoming Trinity One students in any way possible, academic or otherwise!

Samraggi Hazra, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society, and Law (Major), International Relations (Major), Political Science (Minor)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Samraggi found the PPE stream of TrinOne to be the highlight of her first year of university. The Trinity One program proved to be the perfect opportunity to adjust to life as a university student, as it provided an incredible sense of community and academic involvement. Participating in engaging discussions with her peers and professors allowed Samraggi to explore various aspects of public policy from many different perspectives and challenged her to broaden her thinking and understanding of pertinent political issues and theories. Moreover, TrinOne provided Samraggi with a newfound passion for health policy, and motivated her to pursue a research project focusing on health inequities and disparities in order to better address these issues. Beyond this research, Samraggi is also involved with Trinity College’s Equity Committee, the University of Toronto Policython, Model UN, and the Pre-Law Society. She is looking forward to engaging with incoming PPE students and helping them adapt to the program and make the most of the wonderful TrinOne community! Welcome to PPE!


Ethics, Society & Law Stream Mentors

Katherine Delay, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society & Law (Major), Sociology (Major)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Katie’s time in the Ethics, Society and Law stream provided her with an excellent opportunity to connect with similarly-interested peers and fascinating professors. She was introduced to a diverse body of work, which influenced her decision to double major in Sociology and Ethics, Society and Law. She has spent the summer working in policy development with the Manitoba provincial government and, following her undergrad, is interested in developing policy as it relates to criminal justice reform. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting and knitting. Katie looks forward to meeting all incoming ES&L students and can’t wait to offer guidance and support this coming year!

Amanda Milligan, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society & Law (Major), Public Policy (Major), Philosophy (Minor)

Hometown: Selangor, Malaysia/Burnaby, BC

For Amanda, the Ethics, Society and Law stream provided a community of curious and compassionate peers. Academically, Trinity One transformed her approach to essay writing and argumentation. The eye-opening moments were frequent, but she is most grateful for being introduced to the field of restorative and transformative justice. Currently, Amanda volunteers at BuddyHelp and is in the process of becoming a facilitator at a restorative justice organisation. She is passionate about mental health support and creating spaces for people to heal.

Amanda has been involved in the Canadian Mock Trial Team and Intra Vires Law Journal. In her free time, she enjoys long walks, watching Arrested Development, and horror novels. Amanda is incredibly excited to meet this year’s Trinity One cohort and can’t wait to have great conversations with students. She is always open to answer any questions via email or social media!