Learning Strategist

Trinity College’s Learning Strategist, Ellyn Kerr, can help you get the inside track to academic success, whether through time management, study strategies, or planning for essays and assignments.

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting Ellyn directly at: ellyn.kerr@utoronto.ca.  Just make sure to put “Trinity Learning Strategist Appointment” in the subject line, so she knows you are from Trinity!

Appointments with a Learning Strategist are usually held in in the Academic Resource Centre, which is located on the lower level of the main Trinity College building (6 Hoskin Avenue) on the southwest corner, just west of the Trinity Archives.  However, currently ALL appointments are being conducted online.

You can access more learning strategy resources and supports through Academic Success at U of T Student Life.  The whole purpose of this department is to help you with your academic success… so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?  In addition to learning strategists, check out their website to see all the different programs and services that are available to support your academics!

Learning Strategist Jonathan Vandor answers your questions!


Get exam ready at University of Toronto with Learning Strategist Jonathan Vandor:
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