Trinity One Mentors

2020 – 2021 Mentorship Team

The Trinity One program is please to have stream mentors for each of our streams. These students successfully completed Trinity One and will be available to offer guidance to current first-year Trinity One students and prospective students.

Biomedical Health Stream Mentors

Britney Feng, TRIN

Programs: Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (Specialist), Immunology (Minor)

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

One of Britney’s highlights from her first year was being a part of the Trinity One Program – Biomedical Health Stream. Through Trinity One, she was able to gain a better understanding of medical research as whole while being a part of a motivated and encouraging community with her classmates. Academically, she felt that TRN125 was valuable by teaching her about the multifaceted aspects of medical research such as ethical and legal factors that contribute to successful research. She has found herself being able to tackle scientific questions more effectively through approaching the problem with a variety of angles and learned more in depth about the importance of scientific literacy. In the future, Britney hopes to continue to pursue medical research in her undergraduate and professional career.

Britney is also involved around Trinity as Second Year Head of Residence and as a part of the World University Services Canada Chapter at Trinity. She’s a part of a quizzing team at the UTSG HOSA chapter and is a member of the University of Toronto International Health Program. A fun fact about Britney is that she used to cheer and dance. Some of her hobbies include music and baking. She’s excited to be giving advice and mentoring the incoming Trinity One students!

Nicholas Damiano, TRIN

Programs: Biochemistry (Major), Physiology (Major)

Hometown: Vaughan, ON

Nicholas’ experience in the Biomedical Health Program was an irreplaceable one that enriched his first year of university and allowed him to explore his interests in the medical field. He felt that the program opened him up to the world of research and provided him with valuable knowledge and skills that he will hold onto forever. When he is not in school, Nicholas can be found reading books, listening to music or watching the newest movie. Nicholas also works as a tutor and volunteers at a peer support line in his spare time. He has a passion for helping people which was part of the reason he chose to become a mentor. As a mentor, Nicholas hopes to help incoming students on their journey through Trinity One and their first year at UofT. He encourages students to reach out if they have questions about anything or even if they need someone to talk to.


Medicine & Global Health Stream Mentors

Gabrielle Tsai, UC

Programs: Neuroscience (Major), Psychology (Major), Bioethics (Minor)

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Gabby is a Taiwanese-Canadian who moved to Toronto from Vancouver. Her experience in Trinity One was filled with eureka moments, wholesome friendships, and holistic growth. Gabby’s worldview expanded significantly, and she became more enlightened, empathetic, and responsible as a global citizen. Most of all, she gained the confidence to step out of her comfort zone under the support of the TrinOne community.

As for her academic interests, Gabby is passionate about the intersection between science and morality, which is why she hopes to research in areas related to moral psychology and bioethics. This past year, she researched on many contemporary controversial issues such as the value of human life at fertilization, the impact of performing euthanasia on physicians, the psychological risks of abortion, and student mental health at UofT.

When not occupied with schoolwork, Gabby loves horseback riding, singing in choir, playing volleyball, and watching inspirational videos. Gabby is excited for what’s to come for new Trinity One students. She cannot wait to connect with them, help them transition smoothly into university, and support their unique endeavours.

Vincent Hung, TRIN

Programs: Physics (Major), Immunology (Major)

Hometown: Charlottetown, PEI

Vincent came to Toronto with theoretical physics in mind, while biology and policy were perhaps less so (they were interests nonetheless!). That changed after his experience in the Medicine and Global Health Stream. Trinity One was an opportunity for him to nurture a multidisciplinary outlook and transform health and its related studies into a passion. Furthermore, Trinity One also allowed him to refine methods—from posters to chalk talks—on presenting pressing global issues and their potential solutions, which is another one of his interests. Now, he hopes to take on a health science field (immunology) as an expansion to his preexisting love for science. When physics and global health problems are not keeping him awake, Vincent plays instruments, composes music and dabbles in photography. As such, he is open to help and chat with new first years, even if the topic is not directly related to academics!


Environment & Sustainability Stream Mentors

Madeleine Frechette, TRIN

Programs: Criminology & Sociolegal Studies (Major), Environmental Studies (Major), Indigenous Studies (Minor)

Hometown: Pickering, ON

Madeleine was born and raised in Pickering, a small city in the Greater Toronto Area. Last year, she participated in the Trinity One program as a student in the Butterfield Environment & Sustainably stream. She loved her experience in the program and appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of her stream, which engaged with environmentalism from scientific and ethical perspectives. The program provided a strong foundation for her current areas of study, which focus on the intersection between environmentalism and law. Over the 2020 summer, she is participating in a research program with Trinity College regarding sustainable urban food systems. Madeleine would like to welcome all incoming students to the Trinity One program and looks forward to mentoring them this year!

Angel Bella, TRIN

Programs: Peace, Conflict, & Justice (Major), Environmental Chemistry (Minor), Creative Expression & Society (Minor)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Angel was born in the Philippines and raised in Toronto. She has been fostering a passion for nature ever since her work at the Humber Arboretum. She greatly enjoyed the Trinity One program and is excited to get to know all of you! Her specific interests include: women’s rights to education, the accessibility of clean water in impoverished regions, and the harms of plastic pollution. The intersections between human rights and environmentalism are key aspects of her focus. She also loves art and sharing playlists with new faces!


International Relations Streams Mentors

Quinn Teague-Colfer, UC

Programs: International Relations (Major), French (Minor)

Hometown: Chatham-Kent, ON

Quinn was born and raised in Chatham, ON. He found the Trinity One program to be transformative academically, allowing him to engage on a deeper level with his passions for history and global politics. Quinn is particularly interested in sustainable development and international human rights law. Outside of class, he researches international trade policy with the G20 Research Group, and enjoys reading, running, playing the piano, and exploring the city with friends. Quinn is looking forward to building from his experience as a Trinity One Program Assistant this summer, and to meeting and engaging with all the new IR students! He is always open to chat or answer any questions!

Madhurie Dhanrajh, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society, & Law (Major), Peace, Conflict, & Justice (Major), English (Minor)

Hometown: Brampton, ON

Madhurie really enjoyed her time in the IR stream and found the courses to be illuminating and enjoyable. The stream also introduced her to many wonderful people with whom she has formed meaningful connections! Madhurie is extremely excited to meet incoming students and share her experiences with them, or even simply chat about the Trinity One stream, UofT in general, academic and otherwise, to give them a friendly face in their first year!


Policy, Philosophy & Economics Stream Mentors

Gurmen Badyal, TRIN

Programs: Economics (Major), Political Science (Major), Practical French (Minor)

Hometown: Cambridge, ON

Gurmen had such an amazing time being part of the Policy, Philosophy and Economics stream. She moved from Mississauga to Toronto for the first time and was a bit nervous. As a beginner, Toronto was a big city for her. However, this stream had a lot of built-in support for students from mentors and professors which made her experience worthwhile. PPE stream was another and a separate world from most of her other classes. By taking the courses in PPE stream, she developed a passion to study Economics, for Policy, Philosophy and Economics are three different spheres that intersect with others when looking at different societies. Also, the extracurriculars such as social events, research information sessions, peer editing sessions and information on navigating through the library was something that she could never forget. On this note, Gurmen is an outgoing person and is willing to help incoming students in taking the best from their experience, and she will answer any questions or fulfil any duties that her role calls for very happily. Warm welcome to the PPE stream!

Lucy Stark, UC

Programs: History (Major), Peace Conflict & Justice (Major), Economics (Minor)

Hometown: Wilmington, DE 

As an international student from the United States, Lucy was beyond excited to begin her studies at the University of Toronto last year. The Trinity One program was a major part of her first-year experience and she loved the fascinating conversations that her classmates and herself engaged in with the PPE professors. Not only did Trin One challenge Lucy to become more comfortable with public speaking, but it also introduced her to a newfound passion in public policy surrounding homelessness and housing. During the summer after her first-year, Lucy turned this passion into a self-guided research project in which she is investigating “Housing First” programs in communities across the world in hopes of understanding how best to alleviate chronic homelessness. Outside of this research, Lucy is also involved in the U of T Moot Team, Hart House Debates & Dialogues Committee, The Varsity, The UC Gargoyle, and the U of T History Society. She also loves going to coffee shops around U of T and would be happy to meet up with new Trin One students to drink hot chocolate and talk about all things first-year!


Ethics, Society & Law Stream Mentors

Katherine Delay, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society & Law (Major), Sociology (Major)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Katie’s time in the Ethics, Society and Law stream provided her with an excellent opportunity to connect with similarly-interested peers and fascinating professors. She was introduced to a diverse body of work, which influenced her decision to double major in Sociology and Ethics, Society and Law. She has worked with a few social justice initiatives on and off campus and, pre-pandemic, volunteered at the constituency office of MPP Jessica Bell. She hopes to eventually work towards substantive criminal justice reform. Katie looks forward to meeting all incoming ES&L students and can’t wait to offer any guidance and support necessary this coming year!

Megan Campbell, TRIN

Programs: Ethics, Society and Law (Major), French Linguistics (Major) 

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Megan is passionate about social justice, and the way that language fits into its problems and solutions. Through its discussion-based classes, the TrinOne ES&L stream helped her to strengthen her voice and broaden her perspective on intersectionality. Currently, Megan is developing the Open Debate Initiative – which strives to make debate and public speaking programming more accessible in the GTA.When she’s not hitting the books, you can find her around the campus theatre scene or perfecting her veggie pad thai recipe. She is looking forward to meeting this year’s students, and encourages them to reach out with any questions, or just for a chat!