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Admission to Residence and Re-Admission for Upper-Year Students


The University of Toronto guarantees placement in residence for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time, provided that they have indicated their interest in residence by completing the StarRez application by March 31, and received and accepted an offer of admission by June 1. All residence applications for incoming students are directed through StarRez, which is operated by the University of Toronto’s Housing Services.

Trinity College aims to house, within its residences, as many Trinity students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who are eligible for the University of Toronto Residence Guarantee for First-Year Applicants as possible, and will allocate approximately half of our initial residence spaces to students in this category.  For those students admitted to Trinity College who qualify for the Residence Guarantee for First-Year Applicants, you will be contacted in early June regarding the next steps in applying to live in residence at Trinity. Be sure to monitor the inbox of the email address that you used to initially apply to the University of Toronto, as this is where application information will be sent.

You must respond to all deadlines and meet all deposit requirements in order to maintain your eligibility for residence. If you do not have the University of Toronto Residence Guarantee for First-Year Applicants, you can still apply and get on a residence waiting list.

Check your email frequently for an update from Trinity College! If you have any questions, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at


Am I eligible?

  • To be eligible for residence in any year following first year, students must be in good standing, as defined by the University, and have a minimum AGPA of 1.50+, as recorded on their transcript, on a minimum of 3.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs) for the most recent Fall/Winter academic session.
  • All upper-year students are invited to apply for residence, regardless of whether they currently live in residence or not. Students may live in the Trinity College residences for a maximum of 5 years throughout the course of their studies.

What does the application look like?

  • No deposit is required with your residence application.  Deposits will only be required in order to accept a residence offer.
  • After the application deadline, all students will be entered into the residence lottery. Spaces will be allocated randomly via the residence lottery.
  • Students who have not been allocated a space in residence through the residence lottery, will be randomly assigned to the upper-year waiting list.
  • Students who have been offered a space in residence and those offered a space on the upper-year waiting list will be notified of their status in the process at the same time, in late March/early April.
  • The whole application process is completed online.
  • The room request process will occur after students are admitted to residence, in April.

When does the application process take place?

  • Applications will be available by the middle of February. Watch your email for instructions and next steps.



The University of Toronto provides regular updates on it’s COVID-19 Information website. For information regarding quarantine programming, students and vaccines, on-campus services, and more, please click the link below.

Information for fall 2022



View the full Residence Admission Policy online or stop by the Office of the Dean of Students for more info.

Living in Residence at Trinity College

Trinity has two traditional-style residence buildings (Trinity College Residence and St Hilda’s College Residence) with a combination of single, double, and triple rooms. There are approximately 470 first-year and upper-year students living in residence, split between both buildings. Both buildings are co-ed, with students living in either all-gender or gender-specific areas, and with shared washroom facilities on each floor. St. Hilda’s also has full kitchens or kitchenettes on every floor for shared use.  Visit our Campus Map and filter by Residence.

Places in residence at Trinity College are limited. Priority is given to incoming and returning Trinity College students. Learn more about residence, including how to apply, fees, important dates and FAQs and dining and meal plans at Trinity.

What are the rooms like? What's in my room?

We have beautiful, historic buildings and the rooms in both Trinity and St. Hilda’s come in different shapes and sizes (there are no standard sizes).

What’s in my room? Each student living in residence is provided:

  • A single bed, book shelf, desk and chair
  • Telephone, desk lamp, curtains, garbage can and recycling bin
  • Closet or wardrobe and mirror
  • High speed cable internet connection and smoke detector

Did you know! Trinity is the only college at the University of Toronto that appoints Academic Dons?

Graduate and professional faculty students, our Academic Dons live in residence and provide academic counselling and support for all Trinity students (resident and commuter). They are selected so that their fields of expertise reflect the studies of students within the College. They also provide critical non-academic support for students and create a safe and supportive residence community. The Academic Dons offer various types of programming for students throughout the academic year.


Meet Samantha: she takes you on a tour of the Trinity campus and talks about student and residence life!


If you have any questions about residence or the residence application process, contact:

Office of the Dean of Students