Prof. Abrahim H. (Ivan) Khan

Professor in Faculty of Divinity; Director of Advanced Degree Program in the Faculty of Divinity for Toronto School of Theology
Fellow of the College
Professor, Cross appointed to Graduate Department for the Study of Religion
Gerald Larkin Building: 15 Devonshire Pl, Room 313
Tel: 416-978-3039  83039
Fax: 416-978-4949

BA (Physics), Howard University, 1965

BD (Theology), Yale University, 1968

MA (Comp Religion), McGill University, 1971

PhD (Phil of Religion), McGill University, 1973

Teaching Area:
Philosophy of Religion, Comparative Studies in Religion, Ethics.

Research Interests:
Kierkegaard Studies; Religion and International Diplomacy; Healing, Religion and Medicine; Religion and Law; Science and Religion

“Den Enkelte as Socio-Political in Kierkegaard Texts ,” International Journal on Humanistic Ideology, 2/XI (2021)175-200

“Kierkegaard’s Works of Love as Resource for Learning to Be Human: A Starting Point,” Researcher. European Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences. 1 /1(2018), 17–26.

“Kierkegaard Americanus: Towards Establishing a Comparative Analysis Unit,” XLinguae: European Scientific Language Journal (July 2018) 2-10

“Privileging Communication: Evidentiary Admissible Statements and Comparison in the Study of Religion,” in Contemporary Views on Comparative Religion, ed. Peter Antes, Armin W. Geertz, and Mikael Rothstein (Sheffield: Equinox Press, 2016), pp. 299-310.

Ivan Khan