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ConnecTRIN is our new online student and alumni community. It’s your one-stop-shop to meet your professional needs and connect with the Trinity community. It’s free, fast and easy.

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Everyone you interact with has the unique experience of attending Trinity, and by joining you can leverage the collective power of the vast alumni network. Continue to help build your community by posting, sharing and inviting fellow grads to join. You will be amazed by the diversity, vibrancy and generosity of the Trinity global community.

On ConnecTRIN you can:

  • Find your friends
  • Share your updates
  • Learn about the latest College news and alumni events
  • Seek or provide mentoring opportunities
  • Connect easily with students and alumni
  • Advance your career and help others do the same
  • Connect with professionals by industry, location, degree and more
  • Find alumni and students seeking advice/mentorship


Privacy: We will not share your contact details or personal information. You will receive updates from ConnecTRIN once a month, but you can remove this option through your account settings. 

We reserve the right to reproduce a great piece of news or a photo that you share on ConnecTRIN or one of our other online channels to showcase the talent within Trinity College.




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