Prof. A.W. Peet

Fellow of the College
Professor, Physics, U of T
Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 60 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1A7

BSc Hons (Physics), University of Canterbury, 1990

PhD (Physics), Stanford University, 1994

Teaching Area:
In 2014-15 I will be teaching PMU199Y Modern Physics In Perspective ( and PHY2406H String Theory ( Please point your browser to the URLs in brackets for more details.

Research Interests:
I work in theoretical subatomic physics in a field known as String Theory. String theory manages to successfully marry quantum physics with Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and it is currently the best-developed theory of quantum gravity on the market. I use string theory to investigate fundamental questions about black holes (entropy and information especially) and applications to gauge theories and cosmology. I have given talks about my research to everyone from technical research experts to 4th graders.

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