Dr. Jonathan Steels

Assistant Provost
Trinity College: 6 Hoskin Ave, Front Hall
Tel: 416-978-3006  ext. 83006

BSc (Biochemistry), University of Guelph, 2001

PhD (Biochemistry), University of Toronto, 2008

MEd (Adult Education), University of Toronto, 2016

Esther A. Peterson*, Linda M. Kalikin*, Jonathan D. Steels*, Mathew P. Estey, William S. Trimble and Elizabeth M. Petty. (2007) Characterization of a Testis-Specific Septin, SEPT14, a Novel Member of the Mammalian Septin Family. Mammalian Genome. 18 (11), 796-807. *Denotes equal authorship.

Jonathan D. Steels, Mathew P. Estey, Carol D. Froese, Denis Reynaud, Cecil Pace-Asciak and William S. Trimble. (2007) Sept12 is a Component of the Mammalian Sperm Tail Annulus. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton. 64 (10), 794-807.

Jonathan D. Steels and William S. Trimble. (2006) Resolving Polarized Views: Septin Filaments do the Twist. Developmental Cell. 11 (5), 591-2.

Jonathan D. Steels, R. Matthias Schoth and John Jensen. (2001) A Simple, Quick Enzymatic Spectrophotometric Assay Specific for Dextran. International Sugar Journal. 126 (51), 264-268.

Jonathan Steels