Call for Nominations for Trinity College Associateships

Posted: December 18, 2023

Provost Mayo Moran would like to invite members of the college community to nominate individuals for consideration as Associates of the College. Those that are eligible for nomination include members of the teaching staff of the University of Toronto, or of bodies federated or affiliated with the University of Toronto, who are not Associates or Fellows of another undergraduate college on the St. George campus, and other persons who are associated with Trinity College academically as teachers. Individuals may be appointed Associates of the College for a term of two years. An Associate’s appointment may be renewed twice, in each case for two years. New Associates are selected on the basis of their academic calibre and their willingness to participate in the life of the College, especially by meeting with students of the College. The academic calibre of Associateship candidates is assessed as follows:

  • On the basis of teaching and research in the case of candidates whose academic duties include both teaching and research.
  • Entirely on the basis of teaching in the case of candidates whose academic duties include teaching but not research.
  • Entirely on the basis of research in the case of candidates whose academic duties include research but not teaching.

Nominators should confirm with their nominees that they are willing to become Associates, submit a short nomination letter and provide the email address of the nominee.

Trinity College especially invites members of the community to give careful consideration to the nomination of candidates that reflect the diversity of our student body.

All nominations should to addressed to Dean Michael Ratcliffe, and submitted via email to:

The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2024.