Congratulations to the 2021 St. Hilda’s College Board of Trustees Leadership Award Winners

Posted: June 24, 2021

, Alisha Deshmukh, Anjali Gandhi, Mailey Adamnaelle Jean Michel and Grace MaFor their service, leadership and contributions to the Trinity College community, Alisha Deshmukh, Anjali Gandhi, Mailey Adamnaelle Jean Michel and Grace Ma are the 2021 recipients of the St. Hilda’s College Board of Trustees Leadership Award.

Since the establishment of the St. Hilda’s College Board of Trustees Leadership Award in 2015 for graduating and current Trinity students, recipients are announced annually in June. As part of St. Hilda’s Board of Trustees’ mandate, the award (valued at $4,000 each) helps further the education and welfare of female students enrolled at Trinity College.

Along with their formal and informal leadership roles at the College and the wider community, these four outstanding students have contributed to a welcoming and positive environment at Trinity. They are exceptional role models and mentors to many, they have inspired change, and their passion to support their fellow students and the wider community are commendable.

Alisha Deshmukh

Alisha Deshmukh

As an international student, Alisha made Trinity College her first home in Canada. Over the last four years, Alisha has been involved with a diversity of activities that focused on supporting and mentoring others.

As a member of Trinity’s World University Services of Canada (WUSC) local committee for three years, Alisha helped ensure the College’s successful sponsorship and support of Trinity’s WUSC refugee students.

Alisha also took part in Trinity’s Women in Leadership club, as a mentor to other first-year female students.  Most recently Alisha was a member of the Academic Dons Selection Committee, where her contributions and perspectives on the student experience were invaluable in selecting a strong and diverse group of Academic Dons. She is thankful for the role other female leaders played in her own development; and she continues to inspire and mentor other students. 


Anjali Gandhi

Anjali Gandhi

Some of Anjali’s most impactful learnings and challenges came from her student leadership experience at Trinity College. In her involvement at Trinity, her focus was always on supporting the next generation of students and giving back to the community.

Through her leadership, Anjali made the student experience at Trinity more inclusive and welcoming.  As Orientation Co-chair she worked to make orientation much more accessible and inclusive, focusing on equity, providing better programming for international students and creating alternative programming for all incoming students. As Chair of the Trinity College Meeting in 2020-2021, she prioritized transparency and mentorship to empower the community to take action and uplift marginalized groups, ensuring that students who had previously felt that student government did not reflect their experiences felt welcomed and heard.


Mailey Jean Michel

Mailey Adamnaelle Jean Michel

For Mailey, the student experience should be one that promotes diversity, unity and a sense of belonging. As a Community Advisor (CA) for 2020-2021, she wanted to make the residence experience – one that shaped her university experience – a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for students.

Mailey was also member of the Trinity College Task Force on Anti-Black Racism and Inclusion: “I am hopeful that these [Task Force] recommendations will allow us to create a more inclusive and accepting environment at Trinity College for the future generation of BIPOC students.”

Due to her outstanding community building work and leadership, Mailey will return to take on the Senior CA role for 2021-2022. Click here to learn more about Mailey.


Grace Ma

Grace Ma

As a Community Advisor for 2020-2021, Grace helped to support community development and programming in residence, and to build, promote and maintain safe, supportive and inclusive residence communities at the College.

Grace tributes her university experience for providing opportunities to meaningfully grow as a person, thinker and leader. And in return, she has demonstrated commitment to helping and teaching others in the wider community, and supporting her fellow students through her caring approach to nurture community.

Grace was chosen as one of the inaugural McCall MacBain Scholars 2021 and she will be studying law at McGill University this fall. Click here to learn more about Grace and her undergraduate experience and future plans.



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