Congratulations to the Class of 2016

Posted: June 16, 2016

Graduands process to Convocation Hall for Graduation 2016
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On June 14 at the Spring Convocation Ceremony, we gathered to celebrate the achievements of our scholars. Students entered Convocation Hall to receive their degrees (Honours Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Commerce) and emerged from the Hall as Trinity’s newest alumni!

Following Convocation, we held a reception for graduates and their family and friends in Strachan Hall and the Quad.

Congratulations to the 327 Trinity graduates for all your accomplishments (includes 189 graduating with high distinction and 64 with distinction). Trinity wishes you all the best in your future endeavours and welcomes you to the alumni community.

To watch the webcast of the June 14 Convocation ceremony, click here. The honorary graduand was Degrassi co-creator Linda Schuyler.

Many of our graduates also received Trinity Graduation Awards for their accomplishments and achievements. Congratulations to all our award recipients.

Trinity College’s Graduation Awards for 2016

Governor General’s Silver Medal: Li Pan

Governor General’s Silver Medal Nominee: Cooper Albertson-Webb

The Chancellor’s Gold Medal in Science: Li Pan

The Chancellor’s Silver Medal in Science: Kyuho Lee

The Chancellor’s Gold Medal in Arts: Cooper Albertson-Webb

The Chancellor’s Silver Medal in Arts: Paul Daniel Poirier

The Chancellor’s Gold Medal in Commerce: Alexander Gabinet-Equihua

The Chancellor’s Silver Medal in Commerce: Robert Legge

Provost’s Scholars: Adil Abdulla, Cooper Albertson-Webb, Connor Anear, Martina Bellisario, Gabrielle Dawson Bernier, James Julian Butterfield, Adriana Federica Cefis, Felix Ling Fung Chan, Oscar Chen, Madeleine Chin-Yee, Difan Chu, Norman Chung, Amber F. Cintosun, Claudia Dessanti, Daniel Fitz, Alexander Gabinet-Equihua, Melissa Meng Ge, Elliot James Gunn, Francesca Tamare Hannan, Kaleem Hawa, Cameron Macleod Jones, Yu Jin Kim, Chaehyun Lee, Charles Kyung Min Lee, Kyuho Lee, Young Yoon Lee, Robert Legge, Cheryl Leung, Madeleine Levac, Sonia Katarina Liang, Fievel Shing-Hin Aaron Lim, Stephanie Lim-Reinders, Madeline Claire Lisus, Neil Zhang Nian Zhong Macalasdair, Pouya Mohammad- Makki, Sophie Munden, Angelin Oey, Li Pan, Livia Ioana Pasol, Farzan Rusi Pavri, Paul Daniel Poirier, Christopher Puskas, Victoria Reedman, Hayden Rodenkirchen, Sushani Atima Singh, Darshan Sivaloganathan, Robert Sniderman, Vanessa Snyder-Penner, Connor Taylor, Emily Chung-Wai Tsui, Adam James Marcus Varro, Chuqi Sandy Wang, Zi Hua Wang, Juri Yamamura, Bo Yuan, Alexandra Zimmer

The Ethel F. Dixon Paull Prize: Martina Bellisario, Amber F.Cintosun

The Drew Thompson Scholarship: Adil Abdulla, Charles Kyung Min Lee

The Ambassador Kenneth Taylor Prize in International Relations: Claudia Dessanti

The G. S. Cartwright Prize in International Relations: Adil Abdulla

The Klaus Goldschlag Scholarship in International Relations: Augusta Emma Jennison Waldie

The Ian Drummond Book Prize in International Relations: Steven Hamelin

The Trinity College Prize in Ethics, Society and Law: Madeleine Chin-Yee

The Trinity College Prize in Immunology: Melissa Meng Ge

The Prince of Wales Prize in Mathematics: Li Pan

The Prince of Wales Prize in Classics: Vanessa Snyder-Penner

The John A. Jessup Memorial Prize in Philosophy: Madeleine Levac

The Douglas Bond Symons Prize in Philosophy: Daniel Fitz

The Douglas Bond Symons Prize in Modern Languages: Claudia Dessanti

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Canada Book Prizes in French, German and Italian: Claudia Dessanti (French), Alexandra Maria Barbu (German), Adriana Federica Cefis (Italian)

The Arthur Barker Prize in English: Cooper Albertson-Webb

The David Derwyn Owen Prize in English: Martina Bellisario

The George Gray Falle Scholarships in English: Cooper Albertson-Webb, Martina Bellisario, Vanessa Snyder-Penner, Sonia Katarina Liang, Sophie Munden, Sushani Atima Singh, Christine Madeleine Glossop

The Eric Jackman Scholarship in Psychology: Kathleen Jane Steiner Harrell

The William Kilbourn Prize in Canadian History: Gabrielle Dawson Bernier

The Brian Morgan Scholarship in Law: Victoria Wicks

The William McMurtry Award in Athletics: David Reid Dobell

The Trinity College Award in Music: Emma Barnaby, Mark Kazakevich

The Robert and Dorothea Painter Award in Drama: Karthy Chin, Angela Salomon

The Solar Panel Graduation Award in Environmental and Sustainability Issues: Larissa Enid Andrea Parker

The Linda Corman Award: Hana Baida Carrozza

The St. Hilda’s College Board of Trustees Leadership Awards: Sarah Eunice Harrison, Samantha Kokonis, Julia Kathryn Martschenko, Victoria Reedman

The St. Hilda’s College Alumnae Exhibition: Pauline Lindsay Karpazis

The Provost Delworth Graduation Scholarships: Roman Bohulevych, Oscar Chen, Hannah Marie Danielson, Kevin Deagle, Sara Farkhondeh, Alexander Gabinet-Equihua, Dowon Lee, Kyuho Lee, Anna Lu, Sarah Mack, Julia Kathryn Martschenko, Steven Meas, Victoria Reedman, Teraleigh Kathleen May Stevenson, Breen Wilkinson

2016 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards

Congratulations to Trinity graduates and program graduates on their 2016 U of T Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards, which were presented earlier this year.