Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2022 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards

Posted: October 31, 2022

Recipients of the 2022 Chancellor Graham Awards

Recipients of the 2022 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards

Caring, giving and community-focused – these are just a few words to describe the eight outstanding members of the Trinity College community who are the recipients of the 2022 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards.

The Chancellor Graham Awards, now in their fourth year, were created to recognize Chancellor Graham’s unparalleled contributions to the College.

“The late Bill Graham made the Trinity community better in everything he did. He was extraordinarily generous in every way and a true inspiration to all of us at Trinity and beyond,” Provost Mayo Moran said. “Chancellor Graham was always impressed by the varied and critical contributions Graham Award recipients made to the College. I think he would have been very happy to see the addition of these eight individuals to the roster of Graham Award winners. On behalf of the College, we extend a special thank you to our 2022 recipients for being such as inspiration, for their positive attitude to all that they do for our College, and for making Trinity a supportive place to learn, live and work.”

The 2022 recipients of Chancellor William C. Graham Awards were announced at the Fall Meeting of Corporation, which was held virtually on October 27, 2022. Awarded to students, alumni, administrative, service and academic staff, recipients are selected based on a demonstrated commitment to improving the spirit of caring and fostering a positive environment. The citation for each recipient is based on the statement provided by their nominator and others in support of the candidate. The citations below are brief and will certainly not capture all that recipients contribute, but will give you a sense of their impact.

Recipients of the 2022 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards
Urania Gavris

As a Service Worker working in the College residences, Urania works tirelessly to improve the lives of students and has done so over many decades. Urania has been at the College since 1989 and has earned the nickname “the Iron Lady.” She is known for her dedication and hard work, and supports her co-workers with honesty and dedication. The nominator called her a “hidden hero” who works behind the scenes to ensure that students have a great experience. Urania is approachable and caring, always seeing the good side of people and encouraging others to do the same.

Michael Kessler

Michael is Director of the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program and has shaped Trinity One into the premiere Ones program on campus, offering first-year students an unparalleled academic and student life experience. Mike is a kind, thoughtful and supportive colleague and a much-loved instructor. He has wholeheartedly embraced sustainability, adopting it as a core component of the work he does – infusing into Trinity One, but also contributing to the development of the urban agriculture program. His leadership has been immeasurably important to Trinity’s efforts to foster community and make a deep, meaningful impact around sustainability.

Imran Koehnen

As a student, Imran has shown great commitment to the betterment of Trinity. He serves as the Chair of the Student Finance Committee and in his governance work ensures that student concerns and questions are heard and addressed. He also serves as Treasurer for the Trinity College Athletics club and organizes many events geared towards first-year students. Most importantly, he has taken on the responsibility of organizing the Saints’ Ball this year. Given that students have had many of their experiences curtailed by the pandemic, Imran is creating the opportunity for them to once again share in this College tradition. Imran is devoted to his fellow students and the College and contributes to a positive environment and experience.

Erin McCuaig

Erin is currently the Residence and Student Life Operations Coordinator. In her 18 years at the College, Erin’s impact has been felt in many areas of College life as she has worked in many roles and offices, including in the Bursar’s Office, Registrar’s Office and Dean of Students’ Office. Erin is welcoming, caring and kind. Her positive attitude, humour and energy create a positive experience for our students, particularly those in residence. Erin always goes the extra mile in ensuring students, their parents, our staff and the wider community feel supported and cared for. Erin embodies all of the ideals highlighted by the Chancellor Graham Awards.

Alex McLean

Alex has been an amazing leader within the community, currently in their role as a Community Advisor, after serving as Head of College last year. They have gone above and beyond in helping their students by running various events. Whether it be baking treats for students, holding study halls, connecting students to the appropriate resources, or taking professional headshots, they have been a supportive resource and a role model. In addition, Alex’s work in taking the initiative to improve equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDIA) practices at the College is incredibly commendable and has garnered them much well-deserved respect within the community. Alex truly makes Trinity more friendly, kind and inclusive every day.

Abhishek Moturu

As a former Trinity student, Abhi has always been extremely passionate about improving community life within the College, and has continued to do so in his current role as an Academic Don over the past two years and as senior Academic Don this year. In his role he shows patience, ingenuity and adaptability to help students learn complicated concepts in a manner that ensures they are building long-term skills. Abhi has an extraordinary way of connecting his students to each other and to the broader community. He is currently a PhD student in Computer Science at U of T. And despite his busy schedule, he remains open, kind and always ready to help the students and staff of the College.

Gerry Noble

As an alumnus, Gerry has demonstrated unfailing dedication to Trinity. He has contributed his time, expertise and judgment on a volunteer basis as a highly valued member of the Board of Trustees, as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and as a member of the Board Executive. In recent years, he has provided his expertise and guidance to the former and current Board Chairs, the Provost, Bursar and other members of the College’s management team as the College navigated the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also been instrumental in making the Lawson Centre for Sustainability a reality. Gerry has been selfless and generous with his time and a consistent supporter of the College. He demonstrates a deep concern for Trinity’s well-being and that of its students and community members.

Raquel Serrano

Raquel is a recent graduate, and during her time at the College worked to make Trinity a more inclusive place for international students. As an international student herself, Raquel was aware of the challenges and difficulties students face. Through her work in the Trinity College Multicultural Society, Raquel planned fun events and accessible programming to make students feel more at home. She created opportunities for students to learn about the diversity and multiculturalism at the College, and through her kindness and compassion helped peers build connections in our community. Raquel’s involvement with various student organizations fostered community interests and values, including mental health and sustainability.