John W. Graham Library’s March Circulation Display: BIPOC Speculative Fiction

Posted: March 12, 2024

By John W. Graham Library staff

Graham Library Circulation Display for March 2024For the March circulation display, we invited instructor Leanne Toshiko Simpson and students in her TRN196 course to curate the collection of titles you see behind the glass. TRN196: Joy and Resistance in Diverse Storytelling highlights contemporary readings from BIPOC writers, with a particular focus on speculative fiction. In keeping with the course’s theme, the students recommended their favourite titles, along with a short synopsis to help inspire your next read.

Selected books on display include: And Then She Fell by Alicia Elliott (“…[it] is like partaking in one of the best gossip sessions with generations of women who are all sharing the secrets of motherhood, chatting about the Sky Woman’s Creation Story…”) and Linghun by Ai Jiang (“A horror-tinged literary story of grief and homecoming by a local Toronto author (and U of T grad!)”). Be sure to check them out!

Also on display are the engaging course readings discussed in TRN196. Of special note are recently published books by local authors (including Leanne!) who will be discussing their works at Trinity College’s Book Ball on March 12. Congratulations to Leanne on her recently published book, Never Been Better, and thank you to the students for highlighting a range of diverse and moving titles this month.

[Article originally published in the March 2024 issue of the Graham Library & Trinity Archives News]