New summer course: ENV381H1Y – Urban Agricultural Practices

Posted: February 08, 2024

Students: Learn to grow your own food! A new Urban Agricultural Practices course offered by U of T School of the Environment will allow students to learn to grow their own food this summer using best practices for sustainable, bountiful and local food production at Trinity College.

This spring/summer course – ENV381H1Y – Special Topics Course: Urban Agricultural Practices – is an experiential immersion into urban agriculture on our campus. As the future of planetary health depends on re-localizing food systems, this course aims to engage students in developing best practices for sustainable, bountiful, and local food production in urban settings. Students will develop hands-on skills for urban growing, be empowered with tools for food sovereignty and strengthen scientific experimental research skills, all within a critical theoretical framework of sustainable urban agriculture.

Working directly with Trinity College’s Integrated Sustainability Initiative, students will participate in the growing cycle at indoor and outdoor sites dedicated primarily to food production, as well as pollinator diversity. Students will hear from guest speakers on Indigenous agriculture, food systems transformation, rooftop growing innovations, food in ecological restoration, and food as medicine. Students will explore campus farms in the GTA as case studies on the complex challenges and strategies involved in shifting urban institutional landscapes.

During the summer session 2024 (May 6 to June 18, and July 2 to August 12), ENV381H1Y will runs on Thursdays from 10 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 4 pm (hands-on “lab” session). Course enrolment for the summer session starts March 1, 2024.

School of the Environment's new course poster for ENV381

Graphic by the School of the Environment