There are a number of scholarships available yearly for current and graduating students of the International Relations Program. Some In-Course and Graduation Scholarships are awarded automatically (no application is required), while others require an application. Visit the scholarships and awards page for details.

In-Course Scholarships Awarded Automatically

  • Klaus Goldschlag In-Course Scholarship
  • John Holmes Scholarship
  • George Ignatieff Scholarship
  • The Meltzer Memorial Scholarships
  • IRP Director’s Awards

In-Course Scholarship Requiring an Application

  • Robert H. Catherwood G8 Scholarship

Graduation Scholarships Awarded Automatically

  • Ambassador Kenneth Taylor Award
  • S. Cartwright Prize
  • Ian Drummond Memorial Prize

Graduation Scholarships Requiring an Application

  • Klaus Goldschlag Graduation Scholarship
  • The Meltzer Memorial Travelling Scholarship
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