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February 2017

B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

B1649 .O344 2016 Michael Oakeshott's political philosophy of international relations : civil association and international society / Davide Orsi.
B4235 .P68 B49 2016 Beyond modernity : Russian religious philosophy and post-secularism / edited by Artur MrówczyƄski-Van Allen, Teresa Obolevitch and Pawel Rojek.
B4377 .H68 2015 Kierkegaard's dancing tax collector : faith, finitude, and silence / Sheridan Hough.
B4377 .K475 2016 Vol.18:t.IV Kierkegaard secondary literature / edited by Jon Stewart.
BL0240.3 .M439 2016 Enriching our vision of reality : theology and the natural sciences in dialogue / Alister McGrath.
BL0783 .T44 2016 Theologies of ancient Greek religion / edited by Esther Eidinow, University of Nottingham, Julia Kindt, University of Sydney, Robin Osborne, University of Cambridge.
BR0060 .A35 2017 no.71 Commentary on Ezekiel / St. Jerome ; translated and introduced by Thomas P. Scheck.
BR0060 .F3 P76 v.2 The poems of Prudentius / translated by Sister M. Clement Eagan.
BR0060 .F3 R74 2016 History of the church / Rufinus of Aquileia ; translated by Philip R. Amidon, SJ, Creighton University.
BR0115 .W6 V37 2016 Church meets world / Winnie Varghese.
BR0333.5 .W65 K65 2016 Martin Luther and the enduring Word of God : the Wittenberg School and its Scripture-centered proclamation / Robert Kolb.
BR1644 .G57 2016 v. 1 Global renewal Christianity : spirit-empowered movements past, present, and future / Vinson Synan, Amos Yong,
BR1720 .M37 C45 2017 Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family / Catherine M. Chin and Caroline T. Schroeder.
BS0544 .G65 2016 Biblical theology : the God of the Christian scriptures / John Goldingay.
BS0600 .G7 no.81 Interpreting Bible stories with children and young teens / Melody R. Briggs.
BS1295.52 .W66 2016 Women of war, women of woe : Joshua and Judges through the eyes of nineteenth-century female biblical interpreters / edited by Marion Ann Taylor and Christiana de Groot.
BS1692 .M67 2016 v. 1 New Testament apocrypha : more noncanonical scriptures / edited by Tony Burke, Brent Landau.
BT0695.5 .J69 2014 Living dangerously / Rick Joyner
BT0819.5 .P76 2016 Prophecy and eschatology in the transatlantic world 1500-1800 / Andrew Crome, editor.
BV1610 .C52 v.2 The church, the university, and social policy: the Danforth study of campus ministries.
BV2500 .A3 H48 v.1 The problems of success : a history of the Church Missionary Society, 1910-1942 /  / Gordon Hewitt.
BV3760 .G76 no.114 Hosting Mary and Joseph : posada: an advent experience for your community / Jacqui Horton, Susanna Gunner.
BV4910.33 .A69 T66 2010 Foretaste of heaven amidst suffering : living with the life-threatening disease of amyloidosis.
BX5003 .G7 no.228 Encountering vineyard worship / John Leach.
BX5003 .G7 no.229 Worship in the letter to the Hebrews / Colin Buchanan.
BX5003 .G75 no.146 Imitation and scapegoats : pastoral insights from the work of René Girard / Simon J Taylor.
BX5003 .G76 no.147 Nursing and the mission of the church / Helen Wordsworth.
BX5980 .N39 1991 PAM A walking tour of Saint Thomas Church : Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Third Street, New York City / [by Andrew C. Mead]

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C Auxiliary Sciences Of History

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D World History And History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

D0226.7 .G75 2016 Game of queens : the women who made sixteenth-century Europe / Sarah Gristwood.
D0561 .L96 2015 Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914 : the outbreak of the Great War / James Lyon.
D0810 .P7 G794 2016 Persuading the people : British propaganda in World War II / David Welch.
DA0028.35 .C45 L68 2011 The Churchills : a family at the heart of history -- from the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill / Mary S. Lovell.
DA0047.65 .L6 2003 Memoirs of a British agent / R.H. Bruce Lockhart ; introduction, epilogue and notes by Robin Bruce Lockhart.
DA0069.3 .A55 A3 2001 War diaries, 1939-1945 : Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke / edited by Alex Danchev and Daniel Todman.
DA0152 .L49 2017 A short history of the Anglo-Saxons / Henrietta Leyser.
DA0562 .G65 2016 A very queer family indeed : sex, religion, and the Bensons in Victorian Britain / Simon Goldhill.
DA0566.9 .C5 A4 1998 Speaking for themselves : the personal letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill / edited by their daughter Mary Soames.
DA0566.9 .C5 M54 2016 Hero of the empire : the making of Winston Churchill / Candice Millard.
DA0566.9 .M33 A254 1973 v.6 At the end of the day, 1961-1963.
DA0632 .C73 2016 The making of the British landscape : from the Ice Age to the present / Nicholas Crane.
DB0955 .B66713 2012 The fate of Western Hungary,1918-1921 / József Botlik ; translated and edited by Peter J. Csermely.
DB0958.3 .W55 2016 Hungary's crisis of democracy : the road to serfdom / Peter Wilkin.
DB2742 .H8 O8813 2010 Memories and reflections of the dispossessed : a collection of memoirs for the 60th anniversary of the Czechoslovak-Hungarian population exchange / editors of the original Hungarian language edition, Imre Molnár and László Szarka ; [English language translation by Gábor G. Gyukícs and Tom Bass].
DD0247 .H5 B86 1991 Hitler and Stalin : parallel lives / Alan Bullock.
DK0509 .G74 2003 Caucasus / Nicholas Griffin.
DK0699 .N34 D4 2013 Black garden : Armenia and Azerbaijan through peace and war / Thomas de Waal.
DK0699 .N34 D4 2013 Black garden : Armenia and Azerbaijan through peace and war / Thomas de Waal.
DR0045 .I33 2004 Ideologies and national identities : the case of twentieth-century Southeastern Europe / edited by John Lampe and Mark Mazower.
DR0928 .E47 2013 A biographical dictionary of Albanian history / Robert Elsie.
DR2082 .M35 1998 Kosovo : a short history / Noel Malcolm.
DS0063.2 .U5 Y373 2016 Imperfect strangers : Americans, Arabs, and U.S.-Middle East relations in the 1970s / Salim Yaqub.
DS0389 .K37 2017 Jihad as grand strategy : Islamist militancy, national security, and the Pakistani state / S. Paul Kapur.

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E North American and General U.S. history

E0096.5 .K56 2016 A knock on the door : the essential history of residential schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada / foreword by Phil Fontaine.
E0183.7 .M33 2016 The tragedy of U.S. foreign policy : how America's civil religion betrayed the national interest / Walter A. McDougall.
E0183.8 .I55 G55 2016 The Carter Administration and the fall of Iran's Pahlavi Dynasty : US-Iran relations on the brink of the 1979 Revolution / Javier Gil Guerrero.
E0745 .G66 N45 2016 The life and work of General Andrew J. Goodpaster : best practices in national security affairs / C. Richard Nelson.
E0767.1 .B87 2016 A peaceful conquest : Woodrow Wilson, religion, and the new world order / Cara Lea Burnidge.
E0807.1 .R48 C66 1992 TRIN V.3 Eleanor Roosevelt / Blanche Wiesen Cook.
E0836 .D67 2016 Ike's gamble : America's rise to dominance in the Middle East / Michael Doran.
E0907 .S55 2016 Hope, change, pragmatism : analyzing Obama's grand strategy / Jacob Shively.

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F Canadian history, U.S. State and local history

F5547 .T68 F78 1983 A street called Front : glimpses of an historic thoroughfare and some of its interesting neighbours.

G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

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H Social Sciences

HB2093.3 .A3 M54 2016 Migration, mobilities and the Arab Spring : spaces of refugee flight in the Eastern Mediterranean / edited by Natalia Ribas-Mateos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain).
HC0244 .C354 2012 Capitalism from outside? : economic cultures in Eastern Europe after 1989 / edited by János Mátyás Kovács and Violetta Zentai.
HC0427.92 .G478 2017 Unlikely partners : Chinese reformers, Western economists, and the making of global China / Julian Gewirtz.
HD0087 .A283 2016 Macroeconomic paradigms and economic policy : from the Great Depression to the Great Recession / Nicola Acocella, Sapienza University of Rome, Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Sapienza University of Rome, Andrew Hughes Hallett, George Mason University, and University of St. Andrews.
HF1365 .G525 2017 The laws of globalization and business applications / Pankaj Ghemawat.
HF1379 .W676 2016 The world trade system : trends and challenges / Jagdish N. Bhagwati, Pravin Krishna, and Arvind Panagariya, editors.
HF2580.9 .L44 2016 Reclaiming development in the world trading system / Yong-Shik Lee.
HG3881 .S25 2016 International monetary system and the theory of monetary systems / Pascal Salin.
HG3881 .T88 2016 Between debt and the devil : money, credit, and fixing global finance / Adair Turner.
HQ0281 .B744 2016 Broadening the scope of human trafficking research : a reader / edited by Erin C. Heil, Andrea J. Nichols.
HT0361 .K64 2016 The death and life of the urban commonwealth / Margaret Kohn.
HV6431 .I45 2015 Illusions of terrorism and counter-terrorism / edited by Richard English.

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J Political Science

JC0311 .L378 2016 National identities and international relations / Richard Ned Lebow.
JF0331 .Q57 2017 Ministerial survival during political and cabinet change : foreign affairs, diplomacy and war / Alejandro Quiroz Flores.
JF1525 .P8 I574 2017 International public relations : perspectives from deeply divided societies / edited by Ian Somerville, Owen Hargie, Maureen Taylor and Margalit Toledano.
JL0075 .E85 2016 Essential readings in Canadian government and politics / edited by Peter H. Russell, François Rocher, Debra Thompson, Amanda Bittner.
JN0030 .T76 2016 In defence of Europe : can the European project be saved? / Loukas Tsoukalis.
JV0051 .G62 2016 Postcolonial thought and social theory / Julian Go.
JV6038 .B85 2017 Migration, ethics and power : spaces of hospitality in international politics / Dan Bulley
JZ1307 .B48 2016 Realpolitik : a history / John Bew.
JZ1480 .R67 2014 The politics of United States foreign policy / Jerel A Rosati, James Scott.
JZ1570 .R48 2017 The revised European neighbourhood policy : continuity and change in EU foreign policy / Dimitris Bouris, Tobias Schumacher, editors.
JZ4059 .S36 2016 States in disguise : causes of state support for rebel groups / Belgin San-Akca.
JZ5538 .M64 2017 Disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration : theory and practice / Desmond Molloy.
JZ5544 .P43 2016 Peace in the ancient world : concepts and theories / edited by Kurt A. Raaflaub.

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K Law

KE3660.5 .R44 2017 Regulating creation : the law, ethics, and policy of assisted human reproduction / edited by Trudo Lemmens, Andrew Flavelle Martin, Cheryl Milne, and Ian B. Lee.
KKF0471 .T73 2013 The transformation of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2013 / editor Péter Smuk ; authors, Gábor Bende-Szabó [and thirty-three others].
KZ4850 .W483 2017 The law of international organisations / Nigel D. White.
KZ7180 .B39 2016 Holocaust, genocide, and the law : a quest for justice in a post-holocaust world / Michael Bazyler.

L Education

LB2369 .G53 2016 MLA handbook / Modern Language Association of America.

N Fine Arts

M Music

P Language And Literature

PN0441 .I434 2016 Imagining the self, constructing the past : selected proceedings from the 36th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum / edited by Robert G. Sullivan and Meriem Pagès.
PN2009 .C34 V.169 Canadian theatre review.
PR0821 .O98 2010 v.11 The Oxford history of the novel in English / General editor, Patrick Parrinder.
PR2888 .C33 V.69 Shakespeare survey.
PR4034 .M3 2016 Mansfield Park : an annotated edition / Jane Austen ; edited by Deidre Shauna Lynch.
PS8501 .T8 H34 2016 Hag-seed : William Shakespeare's The tempest retold / Margaret Atwood.
PS8525 .O68 Z77 2015 L.M. Montgomery's rainbow valleys : the Ontario years, 1911-1942 / edited by Rita Bode and Lesley D. Clement.
PS8631 .A66 O88 2009 Outcasts : a love story / Susan M. Papp.

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Q Science

QB0029 .H33 1999 The sun in the Church : cathedrals as solar observatories / J.L. Heilbron.
QC0024.5 .M85 2010 Physics and technology for future presidents : an introduction to the essential physics every world leader needs to know / Richard A. Muller.

R Medicine

RA0418 .B366 2017 Health inequality : an introduction to concepts, theories and methods / Mel Bartley.

T Technology

S Agriculture

U Military Science

U0021.2 .S625 2005 The utility of force : the art of war in the modern world / Rupert Smith.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)

Z8464.25 .K54 2016 v.19:t.1 Kierkegaard bibliography / edited by Peter Šajda and Jon Stewart.