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April 2017

B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

B1363 .Z7 M3 2017 Joseph Butler : fifteen sermons and other writings on ethics / edited by David McNaughton.
B2430 .F724 E425 2017 Foucault : the birth of power / Stuart Elden.
B2430 .F724 U53 2017 Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism / edited by David Scott.
BF1028.5 .G3 W65 2009 The stepchildren of science : psychical research and parapsychology in Germany, c. 1870-1939 / Heather Wolffram.
BJ1012 .C73 2016 Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought / Alice Crary.
BL0051 .R3459 2017 Religion and atheism : beyond the divide / edited by Anthony Carroll and Richard Norman.
BL0051 .S52273 2016 Athens & Jerusalem / Lev Shestov ; translated, with an introduction, by Bernard Martin.
BL0060 .R45 2017 Religions and migrations in the Black Sea region / Eleni Sideri, Lydia Efthymia Roupakia, editors.
BL0065 .I55 R456 2017 Religion, NGOs, and the United Nations : visible and invisible actors in power / edited Jeremy Carrette and Hugh Miall.
BL0070 .O73 2016 Oral-scribal dimensions of scripture, piety, and practice : Judaism, Christianity, Islam / edited by Werner H. Kelber and Paula A. Sanders.
BL0085 .T466 2017 The interfaith imperative : religion, dialogue, and reality / Ross Thompson.
BL0240.3 .B376 2016 The believing scientist : essays on science and religion / Stephen M. Barr.
BL0240.3 .R43 2016 Science and Christianity : foundations and frameworks for moving forward in faith / Tim Reddish.
BL0245 .S37 2017 Science and religion : a historical introduction / edited by Gary B. Ferngren.
BL0325 .D35 L44 2017 Art of living, art of dying : spiritual care for a good death / Carlo Leget ; foreword by George Fitchett.
BL0325 .L4 H47 2017 Leading congregations and nonprofits in a connected world : platforms, people, and purpose / Hayim Herring and Terri Martinson Elton.
BL0503 .D3613 2017 The ends of the world / Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro ; translated by Rodrigo Nunes.
BL0504 .M28 2017 Death and the afterlife in Byzantium : the fate of the soul in theology, liturgy, and art / Vasileios Marinis, Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture, The Institute of Sacred Music, Divinity School, Yale University.
BL0625.9 .S53 H55 2017 Spiritual care in common terms : how chaplains can effectively describe the spiritual needs of patients in medical records / Gordon J. Hilsman ; foreword by James H. Gunn.
BL0695 .T43 2017 Religious war and religious peace in early modern Europe / Wayne P. Te Brake Purchase College, SUNY.
BM0170 .C65 2017 The invention of Judaism : Torah and Jewish identity from Deuteronomy to Paul / John J. Collins.
BP0134 .B4 W4713 2017 A stranger is calling : Jews, Christians, and Muslims as fellow travelers / Anton Wessels ; foreword by Charles Amjad-Ali ; translated by Henry Jansen.
BP0172 .A436 2017 The Islamic Jesus : how the King of the Jews became a prophet of the Muslims / Mustafa Akyol.
BR0060 .A65 A66 2016 v.2 The Apostolic Fathers and Paul / edited by Todd D. Still and David E. Wilhite.
BR0065 .A62 B87 2016 Wisdom from Africa : theological reflections on the Confessions of St. Augustine.
BR0065 .A9 G6613 2016 The mestizo Augustine : a theologian between two cultures / Justo L. González.
BR0065 .A9 S76 2017 The integrated self : Augustine, the Bible, and ancient thought / Brian Stock.
BR0065 .J66 J36 2016 John of Damascus, first apologist to the Muslims : the Trinity and Christian apologetics in the early Islamic period / Daniel J. Janosik ; foreword by Peter G. Riddell.
BR0100 .K523 H36 2017 Kierkegaard and the life of faith : the aesthetic, the ethical, and the religious in Fear and trembling / Jeffrey Hanson.
BR0115 .A8 A53 2016 The faithful artist : a vision for evangelicalism and the arts / Cameron J. Anderson.
BR0115 .A8 D45 2016 Visual arts in the worshiping church / Lisa J. DeBoer.
BR0115 .A8 R93 2016 For him who has eyes to see : beauty in the history of theology / Edmund J. Rybarczyk.
BR0115 .A8 S59 2016 Putting art (back) in its place / John E. Skillen.
BR0115 .C3 R64 2016 Caring for souls in a neoliberal age / Bruce Rogers-Vaughn.
BR0115 .C3 W38 2016 Just capitalism : a Christian ethic of economic globalization / Brent Waters.
BR0115 .C69 N47 2016 Skills for effective counseling : a faith-based integration / Elisabeth A. Nesbit Sbanotto, Heather Davediuk Gingrich, Fred C. Gingrich.
BR0115 .C8 F563 2016 The altars where we worship : the religious significance of popular culture / Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Mark G. Toulouse.
BR0115 .E3 E93 2016 Irrational Jesus : leading the fully human church / Ken Evers-Hood ; foreword by L. Gregory Jones.
BR0115 .H8 R44 2017 Re-envisioning Christian humanism : education and the restoration of humanity / edited by Jens Zimmermann.
BR0115 .H84 C37 2016 Humor us : an appeal for the gospel of relaxation / Donald Capps.
BR0115 .W6 S64 2016 The evolution of the West : how Christianity has shaped our values / Nick Spencer.
BR0118 .I5 2016 In the fullness of time : essays on Christology, creation, and eschatology in honor of Richard Bauckham / edited by Daniel M. Gurtner, Grant Macaskill, Jonathan T. Pennington.
BR0118 .O94 2016 The Oxford handbook of early modern theology, 1600-1800 / edited by Ulrich L. Lehner, Richard A. Muller, and A. G. Roeber.
BR0118 .T4827 2017 Theology as interdisciplinary inquiry : learning with and from the natural and human sciences / edited by Robin W. Lovin & Joshua Mauldin.
BR0127 .C47 2016 Christianity and religious plurality : historical and global perspectives / Edited by Wilbert R. Shenk and Richard J. Plantinga.
BR0128 .G8 K37 2017 Socrates and other saints : early Christian understandings of reason and philosophy / Dariusz Kar┼éowicz ; translated by Artur Sebastian Rosman with a foreword by Rémi Brague.
BR0145.3 .C455 2017 Christianity, democracy, and the shadow of Constantine / George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou, editors.
BR0162.3 .A25 2016 Windows on early Christianity : uncommon stories, striking images, critical perspectives / James W. Aageson.
BR0165 .H46 2016 Constantine and the council of Nicaea, 325 C.E. : defining orthodoxy and heresy in Christianity / David E. Henderson and Frank Kirkpatrick.
BR0166 .R635 2017 Who were the first Christians? : dismantling the urban thesis / Thomas A. Robinson.
BR0190 .O36 2016 The rebirth of African orthodoxy : return to foundations / Thomas C. Oden.
BR0305.3 .O93 2017 The Oxford handbook of the Protestant Reformations / edited by Ulinka Rublack.
BR0325 .K37713 2016 A short life of Martin Luther / Thomas Kaufmann ; translated by Peter D.S. Krey and James D. Bratt.
BR0325 .K455 2016 Luther the reformer : the story of the man and his career / James M. Kittelson and Hans H. Wiersma.
BR0331 .E5 2015 v. 5 The annotated Luther / General editors, Hans J. Hillerbrand, Kirsi I. Stjerna, Timothy J. Wengert.
BR0332.5 .S63 2016 Martin Luther and the German Reformation / Rob Sorensen.
BR0333.5 .J4K368 K38 2017 Luther's Jews : a journey into anti-Semitism / Thomas Kaufman ; translated by Lesley Sharp and Jeremy Noakes.
BR0375 .D84 2017 Reformation divided : Catholics, Protestants and the conversion of England / Eamon Duffy.
BR0375 .R97 2017 The age of reformation : the Tudor and Stewart realms, 1485-1603 / Alec Ryrie.
BR1644 .C446 2017 TRIN The rise of network christianity : how independent leaders are changing the religious landscape / Brad Christerson and Richard Flory.
BS0445 .N49 2013 v.3 The New Cambridge history of the Bible.
BS0455 .O94 2015 The Oxford handbook of the bible in early modern England, c. 1530-1700 / edited by Kevin Killeen, Helen Smith, and Rachel Willie.
BS0476 .B47 2016 Finding God in scripture / John A. Bertone.
BS0500 .P55 2016 v.1 Pillars in the history of biblical interpretation / edited by Stanley E. Porter and Sean A. Adams.
BS0511.3 .P43 2016 Canonical theology : the biblical canon, sola scriptura, and theological method / John C. Peckham ; foreword by Craig G. Bartholomew.
BS0511.3 .P47 2016 Insights from performance criticism / Peter S. Perry.
BS0511.3 .Y36 2016 Insights from filmmaking for analyzing biblical narrative / Gary Yamasaki.
BS0521.4 .W66 2016 Womanist interpretations of the Bible : expanding the discourse / edited by Gay L. Byron and Vanessa Lovelace.
BS0550.3 .C355 2017 Bible stories for strong stomachs : the Bible is full of shocking stories, "R" ratings, seedy characters, and unsolved mysteries that convey God's word in the weirdest ways / Barry L. Callen.
BS0580 .S6 H47 2016 The development of an icon : Solomon before and after King David / John W. Herbst.
BS0645 .P785 2016 Psychoanalytic mediations between Marxist and postcolonial readings of the Bible / edited by Tat-siong Benny Liew and Erin Runions.
BS0670 .B78 2016 Social criticism and social vision in ancient Israel / Walter Bruggemann ; edited by K. C. Hanson.
BS0680 .E84 H36 2016 Handbook of biblical social values / edited by John J. Pilch and Bruce J. Malina.
BS0680 .J8 B53 2016 The Bible and social justice : Old Testament and New Testament foundations for the church's urgent call / edited by Cynthia Long Westfall and Bryan R. Dyer.
BS0680 .L33 C38 2017 Biblical terror : why law and restoration in the Bible depend upon fear / Jeremiah W. Cataldo.
BS1180 .M42 2016 Old Testament parallels : laws and stories from the ancient Near East / Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin.
BS1181.8 .F46 2013 v.3 Feminist interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in retrospect / edited by Susanne Scholz.
BS1197 .K63 2015 A history of biblical Israel : the fate of the tribes and kingdoms from Merenptah to Bar Kochba / Ernst Axel Knauf and Philippe Guillaume.
BS1199 .G36 K35 2016 Gender-play in the Hebrew Bible : the ways the Bible challenges its gender norms / Amy Kalmanofsky.
BS1199 .P88 B53 2016 Bible through the lens of trauma / edited by Elizabeth Boase and Christopher G. Frechette.
BS1235.53 .K62 2016 Genesis : a new commentary / Meredith G. Kline ; edited by Jonathan G. Kline ; [foreword by Michael S. Horton].
BS1305.52 .C66 2017 Sex and slaughter in the tent of Jael : a cultural history of a biblical story / Colleen M. Conway.
BS1335.52 .G73 2017 1 & 2 Kings : an introduction and study guide : history and story in ancient Israel / by Lester L. Grabbe.
BS1430.52 .B394 2013 The Psalter as witness : theology, poetry, and genre : proceedings from the Baylor University-University of Bonn Symposium on the Psalter / W. Dennis Tucker Jr., William H. Bellinger Jr., editors.
BS1430.54 .G74 2016 Preaching Christ from Psalms : foundations for expository sermons in the Christian year / Sidney Greidanus.
BS1440 .A6 2016 Singing God's Psalms : metrical Psalms and reflections for each Sunday in the church year / Fred R. Anderson ; [foreword by Walter Brueggemann].
BS1485.52 .Z43 2016 I, you, and the word God : finding meaning in the Song of Songs / Sarah Zhang.
BS1515.53 .W58 2017 Isaiah old and new : exegesis, intertextuality, and hermeneutics / Ben Witherington, III.
BS1525.52 .C76 2017 Introduction to the study of Jeremiah / C. L. Crouch.
BS1545.55 .W82 2016 Honor, shame, and guilt : social-scientific approaches to the Book of Ezekiel / by Daniel Y. Wu.
BS2325 .E37 2016 Exploring intertextuality : diverse strategies for New Testament interpretation of texts / edited by B.J. Oropeza and Steve Moyise.
BS2330.3 .G73 2017 The Routledge guidebook to the New Testament / Patrick Gray.
BS2330.3 .S76 2017 TRIN/WYC Basic introduction to the New Testament / John Stott ; revised by Stephen Motyer.
BS2506.3 .B53 2017 A spiritual economy : gift exchange in the letters of Paul of Tarsus / Thomas R. Blanton, IV.
BS2545 .A8 S65 2017 The meaning of Jesus' death : reviewing the New Testament's interpretations / Barry D. Smith.
BS2545 .L42 H84 2016 Spiritual leadership  : a biblical theology of the role of the spirit in the leadership of God's people / David Huffstutler ; foreword by Andreas J. Köstenberger.
BS2555.52 .L53 2017 Why are there differences in the gospels? : what we can learn from ancient biography / Michael R. Licona ; foreword by Craig A. Evans.
BS2555.52 .R34 2016 Miracle tradition, rhetoric, and the synoptic problem / by Duncan G. Reid
BS2575.53 .W35 2017 Matthew : an introduction and study guide : basileia of the heavens is near at hand / by Elaine M. Wainwright with Robert J. Myles and Carlos Olivares.
BS2585.52 .M4 2016 The kinship of Jesus : Christology and discipleship in the gospel of Mark / Kathleen Elizabeth Mills ; foreword by Warren Carter.
BS2585.52 .S66 2016 Daniel's Son of Man in Mark : a redefinition of the Jerusalem temple and the formation of a new covenant community / Robert S. Snow.
BS2589 .S62 2017 The fate of the Jerusalem temple in Luke-Acts : an intertextual approach to Jesus' laments over Jerusalem and Stephen's speech / Steve Smith.
BS2589.6 .F88 S66 2017 Representations of the afterlife in Luke-Acts / by Alexey Somov.
BS2595.53 .L854 2017 Luke on Jesus, Paul and Christianity: what did he really know? / edited by Joseph Verheyden and John S. Kloppenborg.
BS2595.6 .T45 R53 2016 Behold, your house is left to you : the theological and narrative place of Jerusalem Temple in Luke's Gospel / Peter H. Rice.
BS2615.52 .H69 2016 How John works : storytelling in the fourth gospel / edited by Douglas Estes and Ruth Sheridan.
BS2615.53 .L693 2016 Two can play that game : manipulation, counter-manipulation, and recognition in John 21 through the eyes of Genesis / D. Eric Lowdermilk ; foreword by R. Alan Culpepper.
BS2629 .P87 2016 Hebrews, the general letters, and Revelation : an introduction / Charles B. Puskas.
BS2650.52 .O37 2016 Performance criticism of the Pauline Letters / Bernhard Oestreich ; foreword by Glenn S. Holland ; translated by Lindsay Elias and Brent Blum.
BS2650.52 .T64 2017 Paul's letters and the construction of the European self / Fatima Tofighi.
BS2651 .V47 2017 The letters of the apostle Paul : controversies and consequences / by Charles Vergeer.
BS2655 .D34 J64 2017 Paul and death : a question of psychological coping / Linda Joelsson.
BS2665.52 .R625 2016 Metaphor, morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8:1-17 / William E. W. Robinson
BS2805.52 .M477 2017 Devils and deviants : religious schism in 1 and 2 John / Jason L. Merritt.
BT0030 .A35 N485 2017 A new history of African Christian thought : from Cape to Cairo / edited by David Tonghou Ngong.
BT0083.63 .F74 2016 Interruption and imagination : public theology in times of crisis / Kjetil Fretheim.
BT0111.3 .L44 2016 Trinitarian ontology and Israel in Robert W. Jenson's theology / Sang Hoon Lee.
BT0111.3 .M55 2017 TRIN Divine freedom and the doctrine of the immanent Trinity : in dialogue with Karl Barth and contemporary theology / Paul D. Molnar.
BT0155 .P65 2016 The new covenant as a paradigm for optimal relations : marital principles derived from a theological-psychological integration / Pablo Polischuk ; foreword by Ray Pendleton.
BT0198 .J64 2016 Judging Jesus : world religions' answers to "who do people say that I am?" / Wayne G. Johnson.
BT0210 .C67 2016 Light from light : cosmology and the theology of the logos / Judith L. Corey.
BT0216.3 .B47 2016 The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ : deification of Jesus in early Christian discourse / David K. Bernard.
BT0220 .S64 2016 Fully human in Christ : the incarnation as the end of Christian ethics / Todd Speidell.
BT0230 .Z65 2016 We have found the Messiah : how the Disciples help us to answer the Davidic Messianic question / Michael Vicko Zolondek.
BT0263 .P84 2016 The old rugged cross : a history of attonement in popular Chrisitan devotion / Ben Pugh.
BT0303.2 .B383 2016 The quest for the historical Jesus after the demise of authenticity : toward a critical realist philosophy of history in Jesus studies / by Jonathan Bernier.
BT0375.3 .F67 2016 The parables of Jesus and the problems of the world : how ancient narratives comprehend modern malaise / Richard Q. Ford.
BT0375.3 .W66 2017 Allegorical spectrum of the parables of Jesus / Suk Kwan Wong.
BT0450 .W55 2017 God with us : the meaning of the cross and resurrection - then and now / Rowan Williams.
BT0500 .A73 2016 Ascent into heaven in Luke-Acts : new explorations of Luke's narrative hinge / David K. Bryan and David W. Pao, editors.
BT0580 .A1 H4513 2016 We experienced Christ : spiritual encounters with Jesus Christ : reports from the Religious-Social Institute, Stockholm / by Gunnar Hillerdal and Berndt Gustafsson ; translated from the German by Giselher Weber.
BT0695.5 .N39 2016 The nature of things : rediscovering the spiritual in God's creation / edited by Graham Buxton and Norman Habel ; foreword by David Rhoads.
BT0695.5 .S56 2016 God is green : an eco-spirituality of incarnate compassion / Robert E. Shore-Goss.
BT0695.5 .W38 2016 Watershed discipleship : reinhabiting bioregional faith and practice / edited by Ched Myers ; foreword by Denise M. Nadeau.
BT0712 .J36 2016 Standing on the shoulders of giants : Genesis and human origins / Luke J. Janssen.
BT0732.7 .G736 2016 The challenge of evil : grace and the problem of suffering / William Greenway.
BT0741.3 .G66 2016 Body : biblical spirituality for the whole person / Paula Gooder.
BT0741.3 .N48 2016 Neuroscience and the soul : the human person in philosophy, science, and theology / edited by Thomas M. Crisp, Steve L. Porter & Gregg A. Ten Elshof.
BT0767 .J65 2016 Holiness and the Missio Dei / Andy Johnson.
BT0767.5 .V67 2016 Priesthood of all believers and the missio dei : a canonical, catholic, and contextual perspective / Hank Voss ; foreword by Daniel Treier.
BT0767.8 .M67 2016 Being deified : poetry and fantasy on the path to God / David Russell Mosley.
BT0775 .J46 2017 Biblical theology : covenants and the kingdom of god in redemptive history/Jeong Koo Jeon
BT0795 .C37 2016 The forgiveness of sins / Tim Carter.
BT0825 .H69 2016 The dawn of death : the bible and our mortal bodies / Simon Howard.
BT1103 .D386 2016 Rational faith : a philosopher's defense of Christianity / Stephen T. Davis.
BT1103 .W35 2016 Confronting religious absolutism : Christian humanism and the moral imagination / Catherine M. Wallace.
BV0160 .T54 2017 Cross veneration in the medieval Islamic world : Christian identity and practice under Muslim rule / Charles Tieszen.
BV0210.3 .P7324 2017 The practice of the presence of God : theology as a way of life / edited by Martin Laird and Sheelah Treflé Hidden.
BV0227 .G68 2016 Understanding prayer for the dead : its foundation in history and logic / James B. Gould ; foreword by Jerry L. Walls.
BV0639 .C4 S65 2017 Suffer the children : how we can help improve the lives of the world's impoverished children / Gary Scott Smith, Jane Marie Smith.
BV0639 .S5 L44 2017 Redeeming singleness : postmodern pastoral care and counseling for never-married single women / Hyojou Lee
BV0652.1 .M75 2017 Leadership and conflict in African churches : the Anglican experience / Mkunga H.P. Mtingele.
BV0652.25 .B69 2017 Transformative worship : changing lives through religious experience / Laurene Beth Bowers.
BV0660.2 .B89 2016 Dancing in the dark : the privilege of participating in God's ministry in the world / Graham Buxton.
BV0800 .J59 2016 Knowledge by ritual : a biblical prolegomenon to sacramental theology / Dru Johnson.
BV2020 .Y44 2016 Polycentric missiology : Twenty first century mission from everyone to everywhere / Allen Yeh.
BV2073 .R43 2016 Reading the Bible missionally / edited by Michael W. Goheen.
BV3415.2 .L63 2016 How Christianity came to China : a brief history / Kathleen L. Lodwick.
BV3790 .S632 2016 Liberating the Gospel : translating the message of Jesus Christ in a globalised world / David Smith.
BV4164.5 .E54 2017 Engage : a theological field education toolkit / edited by Matthew Floding ; foreword by Lucinda Huffaker.
BV4208 .U6 A43 2016 Learning from a legend : what Gardner C. Taylor can teach us about preaching / Jared E. Alcántara ; foreword by Ralph Douglas West.
BV4211.3 .B37 2016 Lanterns at dusk : preaching after modernity / Bruce Barber.
BV4211.3 .D38 2016 Preaching the luminous word : biblical sermons and homiletical essays / Ellen F. Davis with Austin McIver Dennis.
BV4340 .E745 2017 TRIN God in captivity : the rise of faith-based prison ministries in the age of mass incarceration / Tanya Erzen.
BV4447 .A85 2016 Ministry with youth in crisis / Harley T. Atkinson, W. Lee Barnett, Mike Severe.
BV4501.3 .D38 2017 Abba's whisper : listening for the voice of God / Alan Davey and Elizabeth Davey ; foreword by Brian C. Stiller.
BV4501.3 .D64 2016 Take and read : reflecting theologically on books / Paul G. Doerksen ; foreword by Denny Smith.
BV4517.5 .H36 2015 Reaching people under 30 while keeping people over 60 : creating community across generations / Edward H. Hammett, with Paul L. Anderson and Cornell Thomas.
BV4517.5 .H67 2017 Soulmates : friendship, fellowship & the making of Christian community / David Horn.
BV4531.3 .P467 2017 The Bible reading of young evangelicals : an exploration of the ordinary hermeneutics and faith of Generation Y / Ruth H. Perrin ; foreword by James S. Bielo.
BV4580 .M24 2017 The spiritual dimension of ageing / Elizabeth MacKinlay.
BV4639 .L663 2016 Love and Christian ethics : tradition, theory, society / edited by Frederick V. Simmons with Brian C. Sorrells.
BV4655 .K38 2016 The Ten Commandments in evolution : a spiritual-scientific study / Ernst Katz.
BX0143.3 .B56 2017 The Orthodox Church of Ethiopia : a history / John Binns.
BX0250 .R544 2016 Rightly dividing the word of truth : studies in honour of Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia / Andreas Andreopoulos and Graham Speake, (eds).
BX0375 .A6 A45 2017 The great canon : the work of St. Andrew of Crete.
BX0378 .M2 E913 1995 The sacrament of love : the nuptial mystery in the light of the Orthodox tradition / Paul Evdokimov ; translated from the French by Anthony P. Gythiel and Victoria Steadman; with a foreword by Olivier Clement.
BX0378 .M2 G567 2016 Glory and honor : Orthodox Christian resources on marriage / edited by David C. Ford, Mary S. Ford, and Alfred Kentigern Siewers.
BX0493 .B87 2017 Holy Rus' : the Rebirth of Orthodoxy in the New Russia / John P. Burgess.
BX0597 .B55 2016 Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh : a life / Avril Pyman.
BX0880 .C612 2017/1 Diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking : a dialogue / edited by Thierry-Marie Courau and Carlos Mendoz-Álvarez
BX1805 .S56 2017 The Papacy and the Orthodox : sources and history of a debate / A. Edward Siecienski.
BX4827 .B3 G87 2016 TRIN An explorer's guide to Karl Barth / David Guretzki.
BX4827 .B3 N564 2017 Barth : a guide for the perplexed / Paul T. Nimmo.
BX5005 .G76 2017 Growth and decline in the Anglican communion : 1980 to the present / edited by David Goodhew.
BX5005 .P475 2017 The future shapes of Anglicanism : currents, contours, charts / Martyn Percy.
BX5141 .O46 2017 Suffering in worship : Anglican liturgy in relation to stories of suffering people / Armand Léon van Ommen.
BX5145 .A66 2007 PAM The order for Evening Prayer : from The Book of Common Prayer of 1662 / annotated by Peter Toon.
BX5179 .B83 2016 Instruments of Christ's love : the ministry of readers / Sally Buck, Graham Dodds, Phillip Tovey.
BX5199 .L53 B47 2016 C. S. Lewis : Anti-Darwinist : a careful examination of the development of his views on Darwinism / Jerry Bergman ; foreword by Ellen Myers ; preface by Karl Priest.
BX5199 .P66 W55 2016 A physicist examines hope in the resurrection : examination of the significance of the work of John C. Polkinghorne for the mission of the church / John Wilson ; foreword by Vaughn Baker.
BX5712 .S9 C36 2016 Phenomenal Sydney : Anglicans in a time of change, 1945-2013 / Marcia Cameron ; foreword by Glenn Davies.
BX5714 .C544 2016 Reinventing church : stories of hope from four Anglican parishes / James Collins, Helen Collins and Douglas Ezzy.
BX5715 .A1 K35 2016 A kaleidoscope of pieces : Anglican essays on sexuality, ecclesiology and theology / edited by Alan H Cadwallader ; with a foreword by Bishop Kay Goldsworthy.
BX9418 .B14 2016 Calvinism : a very short introduction / Jon Balserak.

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C Auxiliary Sciences Of History

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D World History And History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

D0748 .X878 2017 Alliance persistence within the Anglo-American special relationship : the post-Cold War era / Ruike Xu.
DA0334 .M8 G89 2017 Thomas More : a very brief history / John Guy.
DA0566.9 .C5 A78 2015 Churchill : the life : an authorized pictorial biography / Max Arthur.
DF0605.3 .N48 2016 Anna Komnene : the life and work of a medieval historian / Leonora Neville.
DS0063.123 .S43 2017 Sectarianization : mapping the new politics of the Middle East / Nader Hashemi, Danny Postel (editors).
DS0272 .A945 2017 Iran : what everyone needs to know / Michael Axworthy.
DS0389 .K486 2016 Governance in Pakistan : hybridism, political instability, and violence / Sagheer Ahmad Khan.

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E North American and General U.S. history

E0183.8 .C5 K35 2017 Rising China in a changing world : power transitions and global leadership / Jin Kai.
E0183.8 .G7 R67 2017 Jimmy Carter and the Anglo-American special relationship / Thomas K. Robb.
E0183.8 .R9 L395 2016 Return to Cold War / Robert Legvold.
E0183.8 .S65 L38 2016 The last superpower summits : Gorbachev,  Reagan, and Bush : conversations that ended the Cold War / [edited by] Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton ; editorial assistant, Anna Melyakova.
E0744 .C85 2017 The open door era: United States foreign policy in the twentieth century / Michael Patrick Cullinane and Alex Goodall.
E0744 .F7685 2017 Foreign policy at the periphery : the shifting margins of US international relations since World War II / edited by Bevan Sewell and Maria Ryan.
E0840 .B785 2016 The grand chessboard : American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives / Zbigniew Brzezinski.

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F Canadian history, U.S. State and local history

G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

GE0170 .O54 2017 The environment and international relations / Kate O'Neill.

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H Social Sciences

HB0072 .B74 2016 Markets without limits : moral virtues and commercial interests / Jason Brennan and Peter M. Jaworski.
HB0523 .F73 2015 On inequality / Harry G. Frankfurt.
HC0059.7 .A7945 2017 Building state capability : evidence, analysis, action / Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett, and Michael Woolcock.
HC0059.7 .L41862 2017 Going beyond aid : development cooperation for structural transformation / Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University), Yan Wang (George Washington Universtiy).
HC0059.72 .D4 P46 2017 People, aid and institutions in socio-economic recovery : facing fragilities / edited by Dorthea Hilhorst, bart Weijs and Gemma van der Haar.
HC0240.25 .A355 A37 2017 ACP group and the EU development partnership : beyond the North-South debate / Annita Montoute and Kudrat Virk, editors.
HC0427.95 .W52 2016 Who will govern the new world : the present and future of the G20 / Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies Renmin University of China (ed.).
HC0800 .D4862 2016 Development perspectives from the South : troubling the metrics of [under]-development in Africa / edited by Munyaradzi Mawere.
HF1365 .D86 2016 One world mania : a critical guide to free trade, financialization and over-globalization / Graham Dunkley.
HF1365 .F73 2017 The puzzle of twenty-first-century globalization : an international economics primer / Patrice Franko, Colby College ; Stephen C. Stamos Jr., Bucknell University.
HF1365 .H36 2017 Handbook of globalisation and development / edited by Kenneth A. Reinert.
HF1379 .P6635 2017 International trade : the basics / Jessie Poon and David L. Rigby.
HF1413 .S54 2017 Sweet talk : paternalism and collective action in North-South trade relations / J.P. Singh.
HV0544.5 .L44 2017 Global governance diplomacy : the critical role of diplomacy in addressing global problems / Jean-Robert Leguey-Feilleux.
HV0640 .J83 2017 Screening asylum in a culture of disbelief : truths, denials and skeptical borders / Olga Jubany.
HV0640 .K56 2017 The new odyssey : the story of the twenty-first-century refugee crisis / Patrick Kingsley.
HV0640 .R48 2016 Rethinking international protection : the sovereign, the state, the refugee / Raffaela Puggioni.

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J Political Science

JA0071 .C66 2017 Comparative political theory in time and place : theory's landscapes / Daniel J. Kapust, Helen M. Kinsella, editors.
JA0071 .P31445 2017 Political ontology and international political thought : voiding a pluralist world / Vassilios Paipais.
JC0311 .H88 2017 Nationalism and war / John Hutchinson.
JC0319 .D85 2017 Europe as a stronger global actor : challenges and strategic responses / Simon Duke.
JC0323 .N34 2016 Theory of the border / Thomas Nail.
JC0359 .P37 2017 A theory of imperialism / Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik ; with a commentary from David Harvey ; and a foreword by Akeel Bilgrami.
JC0489 .R446 2016 Regime changes in 20th century Europe : reassessed, anticipated and in the making / edited by Marja Vuorinen, Tuomas Kuronen and Aki-Mauri Huhtinen.
JC0599 .U5 F67 2017 American exceptionalism reconsidered : U.S. foreign policy, human rights, and world order / David P. Forsythe and Patrice C. McMahon.
JN0040 .D4435 2016 Democratic transformations in Europe : challenges and opportunities / edited by Yvette Peters and Michaël Tatham.
JN0040 .H87 2017 The European Union : on the verge of global political leadership / Munir Hussain.
JN0405 .G59 2016 The imperial premiership : the role of the modern Prime Minister in foreign policy making, 1964-2015 / Sam Goodman.
JV0051 .D43 2017 The debate on postcolonial theory and the specter of capital / edited by Rosie Warren.
JV6271 .F556 2017 Theories of local immigration policy / Felipe Amin Filomeno.
JZ1234 .A38 2017 Advancing interdisciplinary approaches to international relations / Steve A. Yetiv, Patrick James, editors.
JZ1253 .J47 2017 How statesmen think : the psychology of international politics / Robert Jervis.
JZ1253 .P37 2017 Realism and fear in international relations : Morgenthau, Waltz and Mearsheimer reconsidered / Arash Heydarian Pashakhanlou.
JZ1305 .C433 2017 TRIN Plural international relations in a divided world / Stephen Chan.
JZ1305 .I58 2017 International politics and institutions in time / edited by Orfeo Fioretos.
JZ1305 .K44 2017 Polarity, balance of power and international relations theory : post-Cold War and the 19th century compared / Goedele De Keersmacker.
JZ1305 .U74 2017 Uses of the West : security and the politics of order / edited by Gunther Hellmann and Benjamin Herborth.
JZ1305 .V67 2017 Non-western theories of international relations : conceptualizing world regional studies / Alexei D. Voskressenski.
JZ1308 .I585 2016 Internationalisms : a twentieth-century history / edited by Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney), Patricia Clavin (University of Oxford).
JZ1318 .G366 2017 Clash or complement of cultures? : peace and productivity in the new global reality / Hector E. Garcia.
JZ1318 .R672 2017 The emergence of globalism : visions of world order in Britain and the United States 1939-1950 / Or Rosenboim.
JZ1318 .S745 2017 Still a Western world? : continuity and change in global order / edited by Sergio Fabbrini and Raffaele Marchetti.
JZ1318 .W49 2016 Why govern? : rethinking demand and progress in global governance / edited by Amitav Acharya.
JZ1324 .W35 2017 Environmental cooperation as a tool for conflict transformation and resolution / Šárka Waisová.
JZ1329.5 .J34 2016 Jahrbuch für europäische geschichte / European history yearbook / edited by Harriet Rudolph and Gregor M. Metzig
JZ1464 .S637 2015 Smarter power : the key to a strategic transatlantic partnership / edited by Aude Jehan and András Simonyi.
JZ1469 .S63 2017 Why Wilson matters : the origin of American liberal internationalism and its crisis today / Tony Smith.
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JZ1480 .S875 2016 Sustainable security : rethinking American national security strategy / edited by Jeremi Suri and Benjamin Valentino.
JZ1570 .A43 2016 Britain, France, West Germany and the People's Republic of China 1969-1982 : The European Dimension of China's Great Transition / Martin Albers.
JZ1570 .A5 E8 2017 The Eu, promoting regional integration, and conflict resolution / Thomas Diez, Nathalie Tocci, editors.
JZ1570 .A5 T47 2017 Theorizing the European neighbourhood policy / edited by Sieglinde Gstöhl and Simon Schunz.
JZ1616 .T74 2016 Should we fear Russia? / Dmitri Trenin.
JZ1720 .R33 2016 Easternisation : war and peace in the Asian century / Gideon Rachman.
JZ1734 .F74 2017 Everything under the heavens : how the past helps shape China's push for global power / Howard W. French.
JZ1990 .N38 2017 Navigating the new international disorder : Australia in world affairs 2011-2015 / edited by Mark Beeson and Shahar Hameiri.
JZ4974 .D65 2016 The case for closing the UN : international human rights : a study in hypocrisy / Jacob Dolinger.
JZ4984.5 .S29 2017 The United Nations in international history / Amy L. Sayward.
JZ4984.5 .W456 2016 What's wrong with the United Nations and how to fix it / Thomas G. Weiss.
JZ5534 .P46 2017 Pedagogy, politics and philosophy of peace : interrogating peace and peacemaking / edited by Carmel Borg and Michael Grech.
JZ5538 .C35 2017 Obstacles to peacebuilding / Graciana del Castillo.
JZ5538 .C375 2017 Peace agreements : finding solutions to intra-state conflicts / Nina Caspersen.
JZ5538 .G38 2016 Business and conflict in fragile states : the case for pragmatic solutions / Brian Ganson and Achim Wennmann.
JZ5584 .A35 T66 2017 Liberal peace and post-conflict peacebuilding in Africa / Patrick Tom.
JZ5584 .A354 W64 2017 Regional intervention politics in Africa : crisis, hegemony, and the transformation of subjectivity / Stefanie Wodrig.
JZ5584 .G7 T44 2017 Theories of international relations and Northern Ireland / edited by Timothy J. White.
JZ5588 .S26 2016 Perspectives on security and strategic stability : a Track 2 dialogue with the Baltic States and Poland / project directors, Kathleen H. Hicks, Heather A. Conley ; authors, Lisa Sawyer Samp, Jeffrey Rathke, Anthony Bell.
JZ5588 .S43 2017 Security ethics / [editors] Katerina Hadjimatheou, John Guelke and Tom Sorell, University of Warwick, UK.
JZ5865 .B56 E54 2017 Biosecurity dilemmas : dreaded diseases, ethical responses, and the health of nations / Christian Enemark.
JZ6009 .E18 K56 2017 Partnership within hierarchy : the evolving East Asian security triangle / Sung Chull Kim.
JZ6009 .G7 K44 2016 The law of nations and Britain's quest for naval security : international law and arms control, 1898-1914 / Scott Andrew Keefer.
JZ6374 .C87 2017 More than fighting for peace? : conflict resolution, UN peacekeeping, and the role of training military personnel / David Curran.
JZ6374 .K36 2017 Equal opportunity peacekeeping : women, peace, and security in post-conflict states / Sabrina Karim and Kyle Beardsley.
JZ6374 .M363 2017 The management of UN peacekeeping : coordination, learning, and leadership in peace operations / edited by Julian Junk, Francesco Mancini, Wolfgang Seibel, and Till Blume.
JZ6377 .U6 P35 2017 UN peacekeeping doctrine in a new era : adapting to stabilisation, protection and new threats / edited by Cedric De Coning, Chiyuki Aoi, and John Karlsrud.
JZ6385 .S78 2016 Violence and restraint in civil war : civilian targeting in the shadow of international law / Jessica A. Stanton, University of Pennsylvania.

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K Law

KE0444 .B27 2016 Introduction to the Canadian legal system / Sasha Baglay, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
KZ6374 .M64 2017 The international responsibility of international organisations : cooperation in peacekeeping operations / Moritz P. Moelle.
KZ6385 .H36 2017 Law and morality at war / Adil Ahmad Haque (Professor of Law and Judge Jon O. Newman Scholar, Rutgers Law School).

L Education

LC0321 .E377 2017 Eastern Orthodox Christianity and American higher education : theological, historical, and contemporary reflections / edited by Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides and Elizabeth H. Prodromou.

N Fine Arts

N7944 .L66 V57 2017 Visualising a sacred city : London, art and religion / edited by Ben Quash, Aaron Rosen and Chloë Reddaway.
ND1432 .E85 M37 2016 The dawn of Christian art in panel paintings and icons / Thomas F. Mathews, with Norman E. Muller.

M Music

P Language And Literature

PA3972 .E9 R68 2017 An ancient theory of religion : Euhemerism from antiquity to the present / Nickolas P. Roubekas.
PA8502 .E5 F3 1974 v.58 Annotations on Galatians and Ephesians / translated, edited, and annotated by Riemer A.Faber.
PN0056 .D55 E27 2016 Early modern diplomacy, theatre and soft power : the making of peace / edited by Nathalie Rivere de Carles.
PR0275 .L6 G37 2017 Challenging communion : the Eucharist and Middle English literature / Jennifer Garrison.
PR0327 .W33 2017 Savage economy : the returns of Middle English romance / Walter Wadiak.
PR3508 .K83 2017 George Herbert and the mystery of the word : poetry and scripture in seventeenth-century England / Gary Kuchar.
PR4453 .C4 Z844 2016 Seeing things as they are : G.K. Chesterton and the drama of meaning / Duncan Reyburn.

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Q Science

QR0181 .P35 2015 Immunity / William E. Paul.
QR0181 .T37 2017 Immunity : the evolution of an idea / Alfred I. Tauber.

R Medicine

T Technology

S Agriculture

SB0451 .C36 2016 A short history of gardens / Gordon Campbell.

U Military Science

U0022 .B88 2017 Just war and human rights : fighting with right intention / Todd Burkhardt.
UA0023 .C584 2016 The big stick : the limits of soft power and the necessity of military force / Eliot A. Cohen.
UA0023 .F519 2017 American national security policy : authorities, institutions, and cases / John T. Fishel.
UA0026 .A2 P48 2016 Access granted : political challenges to the U.S. overseas military presence, 1945-2014 / Stacie L. Pettyjohn, Jennifer Kavanagh.
UA0646.3 .J5688 2017 How NATO adapts : strategy and organization in the Atlantic Alliance since 1950 / Seth A. Johnston.
UA0646.3 .S56 2016 Defense of the west : NATO, the European Union and the transatlantic bargain / Stanley R. Sloan.
UA0845 .O74 2017 Japan's security renaissance : new policies and politics for the twenty-first-century / Andrew L. Oros.
UB0270 .H84 2017 The secret state : a history of intelligence and espionage / Colonel John Hughes-Wilson.

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