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Reunion Fundraising

Each reunion awakens memories of wonderful friends, and special occasions. It also reminds us of how important Trinity College has been in our lives. It is a time to feel proud about being part of an institution that has always provided an outstanding education.

One of the wonderful traditions of Reunion is the act of giving back. We invite you to invest in today’s students by supporting one of our priority projects. We hope you will consider a special gift in honour of your reunion year.

All donations made in support of a priority project or other designated Class project, will count towards your overall Class fundraising goal.

2022-2023 Impact Report

Donate now in honour of your Reunion year!


Reunion 2024 – Giving Priorities

Lawson Centre for Sustainability: A low-rise, mixed-use building featuring over 14,000m2 of residence, academic and social space, the Lawson Centre is designed to build community while encouraging students and visitors to explore, study and learn. An embodiment of the sustainability focus with leading-edge contemporary design to complement the historic buildings, the Lawson Centre will create new teaching, learning and living opportunities and build a stronger, healthier Trinity community with your support.

Mental Health & Wellness Program: Mental and emotional health is a significant part of what makes students academically successful. Trinity College is committed to providing programming and support that promote mental health and well-being. With funding from donors like you, the Mental Health Program provides a variety of services that aim to support student wellness including one-on-one counselling, weekly programs aimed at building community and helping students connect, and wellness programs.

Bursary Support: Although the immediate impact of COVID-19 is fading, the changes and challenges it has caused continue to create hardship for students. While Trinity College provides over $1M in financial aid each year, this need has doubled with the continuing financial strain of the pandemic and its after-effects. We rely on your generous support to help us provide the finances our students require to continue in their education.

BIPOC Bursary Support: As we attempt to break down the systemic issues that prevent students who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) from receiving an excellent education, we recognize that finances play a role in preventing the BIPOC community from accessing education. BIPOC Bursary Support is available to students for whom finances are a barrier. Join the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have contributed to this important fund with your own donation today.

The Trinity Fund: Through the Trinity Fund, donations of all sizes from alumni and friends around the globe have a real collective impact on the College. Unrestricted donations to the Trinity Fund provide the resources and flexibility to focus on the most pressing needs each year. The Trinity Fund helps to support important initiatives like academic and career counselling for students, the Writing Centre and the John W. Graham Library, as well as the maintenance of our historic site. The supportive community that is so vital to the Trinity College experience is only possible with your help.