Agora ES&L

Regarding the Ethics, Society, and Law program please log on to Agora ES&L for more information, interactive discussion, and current announcements.


In Classical Greece, the agora was a community's central public meeting place, the site of political debate and activity, as well as religious, cultural, social, and commercial interaction, and administration and justice.

Today, despite many differences, there are few better analogues to the agora than the Internet, through which we debate, learn, interact, buy and sell, and administer ourselves, and do so to a greater extent every year. Agora ES&L is an on-line meeting place for the members of the community that make up the Major Program in Ethics, Society, and Law at the University of Toronto.

Students in ES&L especially, but also instructors and administrators associated with or interested in aspects of the program, are invited to participate in Agora ES&L which has been set up with Blackboard information technology in order to facilitate email intercommunication, on-line discussion, program relevant announcements, information sharing, etc.

Feel free to raise any ES&L-related questions within Agora ES&L. Wherever you are able to address a question or comment constructively, please do so. If you come across a relevant announcement for a talk, event, etc., please post it, or send it to the program director for posting. Make sure you watch Agora ES&L for announcements from your ES&L Student Association, as well as from the program director's office.