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Certificate in Theological Studies

The Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) is a seven-credit program that provides a general foundation in theological knowledge and practice. It may provide academic background for those interested in submitting an application to the MA in Theological Studies. The CTS is intended to be taken full-time (completed within one academic year), with both in-person and online credits counting towards the program.

Students may additionally qualify for the designation “with concentration in Orthodox and Eastern Christian studies” upon graduation from the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College provided that a minimum of 5 courses are from courses in Orthodox studies.

Admission to the CTS Program

Click here for admission requirements, application procedure and forms.


The C.T.S. requires 7 courses (3.5 credits).

Five foundational courses will be taken from among the historic sub-disciplines of Theological Studies, as indicated below:

  • Old Testament / Hebrew Scriptures
  • New Testament
  • Theology (systematic theology, historical theology, dogmatic theology).
  • History of Christianity.
  • A foundational course in another area (such as theological ethics, philosophy of religion, comparative theology, apologetics, pastoral or practical theology, spirituality, liturgics, etc.)

For students who intend on applying to the MA, this additional foundational course will be decided by the student in consultation with an academic adviser, on the basis of his or her prospective area of MA studies, and special academic interest.

The above courses are at the introductory level (with TST course codes numbered in the 1000s).Two additional courses will be taken at an advanced SEUG level (with TST course codes numbered in the 2000s and 3000s), in order that students can achieve degree-level expectations in depth of knowledge.


The CTS is available with a number of optional concentrations, including Anglican Studies, Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies, Diaconal Ministry, or Congregational Administration.

Please speak to your faculty advisor to select courses to meet the requirements of these concentrations.


The CTS faculty advisor is Prof. Donald Wiebe (dwiebe@trinity.utoronto.ca and 416-978-2567 ext. 2567). The faculty advisor for Orthodox students is Fr Geoffrey Ready (geoffrey.ready@utoronto.ca). Both are members of the Faculty of Divinity teaching staff.

You will consult with your advisor prior to course registration in order to arrange a balanced program of studies that suits your educational and vocational goals. It remains your responsibility to ensure that all program requirements are fulfilled to be eligible to graduate. Your faculty advisor is available at any time throughout the academic year.

If you have any questions about the program, contact:

Faculty of Divinity
416 978-2133

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