Course reserves

Information for Borrowers

Course reserves can be accessed at the Circulation Desk. They will have one of three loan periods:

  1. 2-hour, in-library use only
  2. Overnight (due back at 9:45 am the next day)
  3. 3-day (due by closing on the third day)

In all cases, the following restrictions apply:

  • No holds
  • No renewals
  • Once an item has been returned, it must be back for the length of the loan before it can be signed out again by the same person (i.e. a two-hour loan has to be back for two hours, an overnight loan has to be back overnight)
  • Only one Course Reserve can be signed out at a time
  • Overdue fines are $0.50/hour. There is a grace period of fifteen minutes.

To retrieve course reserve material, ask at the Circulation Desk. You will need the call number; in the case of a file, you will need the author and title. Call numbers can be retrieved in the catalogue, from the library website, or in the listings below.

Information for Instructors

The John W. Graham Library provides Course Reserves for courses taught by Trinity or Wycliffe professors, as well as any other courses whose required readings are part of our collection.

There are three types of material we keep on short term loan:

  1. Books from our stacks
  2. Books you own, but lend to the library for the duration of the course
  3. One copy of an essay or photocopy of a chapter of a book that you provide, as long as it is within the CanCopy guidelines.

To start the process, send a copy of your reading list to Lia Ferrari (she can be reached at the Circulation Desk at 416-978-5851) indicating which of the above three loan periods you would like. Once she has put the material on reserve, she will send you a copy of the syllabus annotated with the call numbers and loan periods. She will:

  • insert a hard copy in the binders across from the Circulation Desk
  • upload a copy on this page
  • upload a copy to the Blackboard site for your course, if appropriate.

Course Reserve requests will be processed in the order we receive them. To ensure material is ready before your first class, please submit them at least two weeks in advance. Book purchase requests for Trinity and Wycliffe course reserves should be submitted even earlier.

Current Course lists

Fall Courses 2014

Burchell INF2124 F14

Cohen INF2240 F14

Franklin-Hall TBB199

Cunningham TRN409 F14

Hewitt RLG211 F14

Hewitt TRP3523

Keilty INF2196 F14

Kloppenborg RLG3252 F14

Malcolm WYP1501-2507 F14

O'Connor SMC206 F14

Ribeiro RLG404 F14.pdf

Stephenson WYP3622 F14

Taylor WYB3670 F14

Spring Courses 2015

Full Year Courses for 2014-15

Bashevkin POL344 1415

Bowden XBC199 1415

Gilmour TRN150 1415

Gilmour TRN161 1415

Herold CCR199 1415

Kirton POL456 1415

Kislenko TRN150 1415

Kislenko TRN419 1415

MacDonald TRN250 1415

MacDonald TRN411 1415

Somerville TRN421 1415