Frequently Asked Questions - Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

How long do I have to stay abroad?

  • A minimum of 90 days, as determined by the start and end of your internship.

Can I find my own partnership/placement?

  • Yes, some of our interns have found their own placement but keep in mind that your placement must meet the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship criteria. Consult with Dr. Ratcliffe ( if this may apply to you.

How do you consider someone to be a top candidate for the scholarship?

  • A combination of strong grades, relevance of program of study and related interests or experiences to the goals of the QEII program, expression of interest in the cover letter and quality of reference.

Is accommodation provided?

  • In some instances, our partner institutions have provided accommodation or they are willing to assist you in locating short term rentals.

How will I get my funds and how much?

  • Your scholarship funds will be deposited directly into ACORN where you can then transfer to the bank account of your choice. It is therefore important to keep you banking and contact information up to date on your student account. The current deposit structure is as follows:

i.  $6500 (prior to departure)
ii. $500 (after the completion of your internship & narrative reports)

Some destinations have a higher cost of living than others. We suggest that students reach out to their student union, Colleges, and departments to find additional funding sources if necessary.

What kind of visa do I need?

  • We recommend our interns contact the local consulate of the country they will be visiting to determine what type of visa they may require. You can search for them here: In some locations, a visitor visa rather than a student visa is the best approach.

Who can write my reference letter?

  • Your reference letter should be sent to, by your undergraduate supervisor/Professor. You only need to have one letter of reference in support of your application.