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Apply to Trinity One


Application to the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program is open to all full-time students entering their first year of study in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto, regardless of college affiliation. The Trinity One application allows you to apply to more than one stream, however you will only be offered a spot in one.

We recommend submitting your application prior to the deadline as applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis and some streams tend to fill up faster than others. As soon as you are accepted by the Faculty of Arts & Science we can process your application to the Trinity One Program.

We assess all applicants individually based upon their academic record and the Trinity One application, which includes both a video and essay response. The selection process for Trinity One is entirely separate from the selection process for admission to membership at Trinity College. As such, if you are selected for one, you may or may not be selected for the other.


Fall 2021 Applications Are Closed



Round 1: Students who apply by March 29, 2021 will receive program decisions by April 19, 2021

Round 2: Students who apply by May 2, 2021 will receive program decisions by May 24, 2021

*As our program receives a high volume of applications, prospective students are encouraged to apply by the second round deadline (May 2, 2021). We cannot guarantee there will be spaces available in all streams in the 3rd round of admissions.

Round 3: Students who apply by June 6, 2021 will receive program decisions by June 28, 2021



Step 1: Apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science at University of Toronto on the St. George Campus.

Step 2: Wait for an acknowledgement of your application from University of Toronto. This will contain information on your University of Toronto JOINid and applicant number. 

Step 3: Log into the Trinity One Application using your JOINid and complete it by the posted deadline. Remember that Trinity One is one of the First-Year Foundation Programs offered by the University of Toronto. Note: You can apply to more than one Foundation Program, but you can only accept one offer.

Step 4: Once you have applied, wait patiently. We will assess all applications and can only offer admission to Trinity One after you have been admitted to the Faculty of Arts & Science. 

Step 5: You can check your Trinity One application status on this website. We will also email you with our decision, but ultimately it is your responsibility to monitor your status. We respond to all applications, whether or not we are able to offer you a spot in Trinity One. 

Step 6: If you receive a Trinity One offer, then in addition to responding to the University of Toronto’s offer of admission through OUAC by the published deadline you MUST respond to the Trinity One offer by the specified deadline. Note: that the deadline by which your offer to Trinity One expires may differ from the deadline to accept your offer of admission to the University of Toronto.

Step 7: Congratulations you are now a member of Trinity One! We will send you further information regarding course enrollment later in the summer.

Contact Us:

Susan He
Program Coordinator, Margaret MacMillan Trinity One