Trinity College Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of 28 members drawn from a number of college constituencies. It is concerned with the management and control of the property, business and affairs of Trinity College, except with respect to such matters as are assigned by the college statutes to the Senate.

The duties and powers of the Board of Trustees are outlined in the College Statutes and Regulations. In brief, the Board of Trustees has the power to borrow money, sell or lease any of the real or personal property of the College, manage the College's investment portfolio and make academic appointments and employment policy. On a recommendation of the Provost, the Board appoints college officers and upon the recommendation of the Senate, it approves policy and procedures for the discipline of students and for the operation of the residences of the College. The Board appoints committees and working groups in order to develop proposals for matters of shared interest and deals with any matter referred to it by Corporation.