International Relations Courses


The following summarizes the requirements and suggested sequence of required courses in the IR Specialist and IR Major programs.


Specialist Program Completion Requirements: 

(13 full courses or the equivalent)

Year 1:

  1. One FCE from: ECO100Y1/​( ECO101H1, ECO102H1)/ ECO105Y1
  2. One FCE from:
    HIS102Y1/​ HIS103Y1
    MUN101H1/​ MUN102H1/​ MUN105Y1 (in Munk One)
    TRN150Y1/​ TRN151Y1/​ TRN152Y1 (in Trinity One)
    VIC181H1, VIC183H1, VIC184H1, VIC185H1 (in Vic One)
  3. One FCE from:
    One introductory modern language or MAT133Y1/​ MAT137Y1/​( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)
    Or a statistics course from social science departments (e.g. POL222H1+ POL232H1 for students with the prerequisites, from e.g. Advance Placement)

Year 2 (3 FCEs): ECO230Y1, POL208Y1, TRN250Y1

Year 3 (3.5 FCEs):

  1. 1 FCE from:
    ECO320H1/​ ECO341H1/​ ECO342H1/​ ECO362H1/​ ECO364H1/​ ECO365H1/​ ECO368H1
  2. 1 FCE from:
    HIS311Y1/​ HIS312H1/​ HIS324H1/​ HIS330H1/​ HIS338H1/​ HIS341Y1/​ HIS343H1/​ HIS344H1/​ HIS347H1/​ HIS350H1/​ HIS359H1/​ HIS361H1/​ HIS364H1/​ HIS377H1/​ HIS379H1/​
    HIS385H1/HIS386H1/​ HIS397H1
  3. 1 FCE from:
    ANT452H1/​ ECO200Y1/​ ECO202Y1/​ ECO206Y1/​ ECO208Y1/​ ECO324H1/​ ECO341H1/​ ECO342H1/​
    ECO362H1/​ ECO364H1/​ ECO365H1/​ ECO368H1/​ EUR200Y1/​ GGR314H1/​ GGR326H1/​
    GGR329H1/​ GGR439H1/​ JHA384H1/​ JPA376H1/​ LAS200H1/​ LAS201H1/​ NMC378H1
    POL300H1/​ POL302Y1/​ POL312Y1/​ POL323Y1/​ POL324H1/​ POL326Y1/​ POL329H1/​ POL330Y1/​ POL340Y1/​POL361H1/​ POL362H1/​ POL371H1/​ POL372H1/​ POL377H1/POL380H1/POL384H1

  4. 0.5 FCE from:
    ECO351H1/​ TRN307H1/​ TRN308H1/​ TRN377Y1/​
    Or any of the above not previously counted

Year 4 (3.5 FCEs)

  1. 1 FCE from: TRN419Y1/​ TRN421Y1
  2. 2.5 FCE from:
    ECO403H1/​ ECO419H1/​ ECO429H1/​ ECO430Y1/​ ECO431H1/​ ECO459H1/​ ECO465H1
    GGR418H1/​ GGR419H1/​ GGR430H1, GLA2050H1
    HIS401H1/​ HIS402H1/​ HIS405Y1/​ HIS411H1/​ HIS415Y1/​ HIS416H1/​ HIS417H1/​ HIS429H1/​
    HIS430H1/​ HIS439H1/​ HIS445H1/​ HIS451H1/​ HIS457H1/​ HIS458Y1/​ HIS465Y1/​ HIS470H1/​
    HIS471H1/​ HIS473H1/​ HIS479H1/​ HIS487H1/​ HIS488H1/​ HIS492H1/​ HIS493H1/​ HIS494H1/​ HIS498H1
    POL409H1/​ POL410H1/​POL412H1/​ POL413H1/​ POL417Y1/​ POL435H1/​
    POL441H1/​ POL442H1/​ POL445H1/​ POL456Y1/​ POL457Y1/​ POL459Y1/​ POL466H1/​
    POL467H1/​ POL468H1/POL469H1/POL472H1/POL477H1/POL481H1/POL486H1/POL486Y1/POL487H1/POL487Y1
    TRN409H1/​ TRN410H1/​ VIC476H1

Note: Those students choosing to add a Focus should be guided in their selection of courses at the third and fourth year level by the courses listed in the specific Focus group they choose.

Major Program Completion Requirements:(7.5 FCEs)

Year 1 (2 FCEs)

One FCE from: ECO100Y1/​( ECO101H1, ECO102H1)/ ECO105Y1