Trinity One students visit the New Farm and learn about regenerative agriculture

Posted: November 16, 2023

Taking classroom learning into the field – students in the Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream of the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, accompanied by Trinity alumni George and Martha Butterfield, learn from regenerative agriculture experts at the New Farm in Creemore! Students were introduced to a real-life interdisciplinary case study on soil science, sustainable farming practices and political lobbying that led to the recent Sustainable Agriculture Strategy.

This outdoor excursion is part of TRN140: Ethics, Humans & Nature and TRN141: Environmental Science & Pathways to Sustainability and taught by Emily Gilbert and Nicole Spiegelaar, respectively. TRN140 introduces students to ethical issues arising from the way humans interact with nature and how social policy shapes human choices; and TRN141 delves into fundamental issues in environmental science and takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of humans on the biological world.

Below: view a few photos from the New Farm excursion. October 17, 2023. Photos by Emily Gilbert.

  • Trinity One students visit the New Farm