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Financial Advising & Budgeting

Coming to university is a significant financial undertaking. Students are encouraged to examine their entire financial picture carefully and to plan accordingly.

Trinity College’s Office of the Registrar provides financial advising services to students. For questions about budgeting, please contact the Office of the Registrar at trinity.registrar@utoronto.ca.

Make sure to look at the University of Toronto’s Financial Aid website for comprehensive information on financial aid at the university. For additional online information regarding financial aid and planning, including information on OSAP, what financial aid is available to you, how much you will have to pay back and how, check out the OSAP Portal as well as the Government of Canada’s Student Aid and Education Planning website.

Trinity College’s bursary program is intended for students who without financial assistance might have difficulty completing their program. Bursaries are need-based and not academic awards.

Useful Resources: Financial Planning

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Registrar