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Syllabus & Course Readings


To start the process, please send a copy of your reading list(s) to Adrienne Findley-Jones, indicating which of the three loan periods you would like for physical items: 3 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours. She will upload the compliant readings to the Quercus site for your course in the Library Reading List app. The readings will be located under “Library Reading List” in the navigation menu. 


The John W. Graham Library provides Course Readings for courses taught by Trinity College or Wycliffe College instructors, as well as other courses whose required readings are part of our collection. We keep the following physical materials on short term loan:

  1. Books or items from our stacks, 
  2. Books or items housed at the Graham Library temporarily from other campus libraries for the duration of the course.
  3. Books or items you own, but lend to the library for the duration of the course.

Course Reading requests will be processed in the order we receive them. To ensure material is ready before your first class, please submit the reading list at least two weeks in advance; earlier, if a required text was published within the last year.


These electronic resources have license designations set by the publisher and their host platform, not by the Graham Library or by the University of Toronto. These include:

  1. How many users can use the eBook at any given time (1-user, 3-user, or unlimited)
  2. Percentage of pages to download, as permitted by copyright law
  3. How long an eBook can be used by one patron (this is usually set to 60 minutes)

The John W. Graham Library will to purchase eBook licenses for required texts and some recommended texts where possible. If an eBook license is not available for institutional purchase, a physical copy will be purchased and put on reserve for your students.


Please do not bring your own photocopied readings to the library for course reserves! We no longer house photocopied readings at the Graham!

We will scan copyright compliant readings as searchable PDFs. Generally speaking, the copyright guidelines are either 10% or 1 chapter of a book, whichever is greater. For instance, if a book is 100 pages, a fair dealing and copyright compliant scan would be 10 pages; if the required chapter is 15 pages, the whole chapter is within the guidelines. If your required reading exceeds the permitted guidelines, we will inquire about using a transactional license. These special limited licenses do not guarantee your reading is permitted. Please be prepared to adjust your reading list in the event copyright compliance is needed. 


After you have submitted your reading list, and your course has been given a Quercus page, please do one of the following two options:

  1. Add Adrienne Findley-Jones as a librarian to your course’s Quercus page, or
  2. Do the following in your Quercus page:
    • On the home page, scroll and select Settings in the vertical menu
    • In the horizontal menu, select Navigation
    • Drag “Library Resources” from the short active list down to the longer inactive list; drag “Library Reading List” from the longer inactive list up to the short active list
    • Scroll down and select Save

You may receive an email to collaborate with your reading list in Quercus. This will allow you to edit, delete, add, and move items around as your course progresses. If you add any item, let Adrienne know as she will need to navigate the copyright compliance – your students will not be able to see the item until this is complete. Once the Library Reading List application is active, you as the instructor and your TAs (if applicable) will be able to see your reading list built to compliance and to the best use for your students. If there are problems with the list, please contact Adrienne and she will adjust or make the necessary changes so your readings are available to your students.