Trinity College Applicant Profile


Admission for September 2018

Applicants from Ontario Secondary School (OUAC 101 Applicants)

All current Ontario secondary-school students (101 applicants) who rank Trinity College as their first choice of college in the Faculty of Arts and Science are REQUIRED to complete the Trinity College Applicant Profile. The Profile enables us to learn more about applicants than high school grades reveal, and factors quite significantly in our admission and scholarship decisions.  Ontario secondary-school students who rank Trinity first but who do not complete the profile will not be considered for membership in Trinity College, but will be considered for membership in their second choice of college.  

Deadline: The Profile submission deadline for 101 applicants is individually assigned, but is February 5th for most. Applicants who have selected Trinity first on their OUAC application can view their individual deadline when they log-in to the Profile System.  Applicants will be able to log-in starting December 1st, but only after they receive an application acknowledgement from U of T.  

**FEBRUARY 1st UPDATE** If you are a 101 applicant who has recently changed your college rankings and therefore missed the Trinity Profile submission deadline (Feb 5th), please contact the Registrar's Office at


Applicants NOT Currently Enrolled in an Ontario Secondary School (OUAC 105 Applicants)

While the profile is not a strict requirement for 105 applicants (applicants not currently enrolled in an Ontario Secondary School), they are still encouraged to submit it as supplementary material to enhance their application to the College.  

Deadline: The Trinity College Applicant Profile deadline for 105 applicants will be set individually.  Applicants can now view their individual deadline when they log into the the Profile System.  After applicants receive an application acknowledgement from the Univeristy of Toronto, they will be able to log-in.