Experiential Funding

Trinity College Experiential Funding

Trinity College students can apply for financial support to participate in experiential learning opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria:

Funding is available for full-time and part-time Trinity students to assist with participation in experiential opportunities that do not, in and of themselves, lead to course credit. The experiential opportunity can occur during the term in which a student is registered, or in a summer session in which a student is not registered, provided they were registered in the previous Fall-Winter term. Funding is not available in the summer session following graduation.

Application and Deadlines:

Completed applications should be submitted to the Trinity Registrar's Office. The deadline to submit applications for the spring 2019 session is April 15, 2019.

2018/2019 Trinity College Experiential Funding Application


Arts & Science Student Experiential Learning Bursary

The Faculty of Arts & Science can provide financial support to students who are interested in taking part in Experiential Learning opportunities. These bursaries are available to Arts & Science students, or students enrolled in Arts & Science academic programs, who might be prevented from participating in eligible experiential learning activities because of financial barriers.

Eligible Experiential Learning Opportunities:

This fund is supported by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development’s Career-Ready Fund. As such, we are required to adhere to the eligibility criteria for CRF established by MAESD. For an experience to be eligible for support through this bursary, it must meet the following criteria:

•           The student is in a workplace or simulated workplace

•           The student is exposed to authentic demands that improve their employability, interpersonal skills, and transition to

             the workforce

•           The experience is structured with purposeful and meaningful activities

•           The student applies university program knowledge and/or essential employability skills

•           The experience includes student self-assessment and evaluation of the student’s performance and learning outcomes

             by the employer and/or university/college

•           The experience counts towards course credit or credential completion or is formally recognized by the university as

             meeting the five criteria above

Potential experiential learning opportunities might include: internships, field placements, practicums, community-engaged learning, incubators and accelerators, bootcamps and hackathons.

Application and Deadlines:

Completed applications should be submitted to the Trinity Registrar's Office. Once the application is submitted, please make an appointment to speak with someone in the Registrar’s Office about your eligibility for this bursary. The deadline to submit the application is on February 22nd.

Arts & Science Student Experiential Learning Bursary Application