Commuter Accommodation


The Faculty of Divinity has a commuter room that can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The rooms are private residence rooms with a single-bed, and have shared use of the facilities. The room is located at St. Hilda’s College.

If you need to use the room, please send your request using the form below.

If a student reserves the room and does not show up or does not cancel the reservation, that student will lose the privilege of the use of the room.

Please contact the Faculty of Divinity if you have questions:


  • Applications must be submitted by August 31 for the Fall term and December 31 for the Spring term.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

For Your Information

COST: Cost of accommodation is $25.00* per night. (*Price subject to change)

FOOD: Meal tickets for the Strachan Hall dining room at Trinity College can be purchased from the Welcome Desk.

BEDDING AND TOWELS: The College does not have laundry service; please bring your own sheets and towels.

STORAGE SPACE: Limited to a chest of drawers and a closet.

Guidelines for Assignment of Beds

Requests will be considered in blocks of nights, not on a night-by-night basis. For example, if a student requests accommodation for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, these nights will be considered together, not separately.

  • Students must be enrolled in the Faculty of Divinity to reserve the rooms.
  • Students with longer commuting time will be given priority over those with shorter commutes.
  • Students who have night classes which make it unfeasible for them to return home that night will be given priority over those who do not have night classes.
  • Because their schedules are less flexible, Master of Theological Studies and Master of Divinity students will be given priority over Advanced Graduate Degree students.
  • Full-time students will be given priority over part-time students.
If you have any questions, contact:

Faculty of Divinity