Non-Academic Policies and Governing Documents


Trinity College was established by Royal Charter and operates as a publicly-funded educational institution.  With this comes the obligation to transparency of operations and fair, equitable practice where community standards, and in some cases, legal responsibilities, are fulfilled.   Membership at Trinity is by personal choice and governance structures exist to ensure sound operation of the College.  Several non-academic policies have been developed through governance to guide administrative decisions and to ensure that the College is using sound operating procedures that are representative of the needs of the community, in particular its students.

It is the responsibility of all students to read, understand and abide by the following policies:

Trinity College Code of Student Conduct

Trinity College Alcohol Policy

Trinity College Policy on Episkopon

Trinity College Admission and Re-Admission Policy (Residence)


Trintiy College operates in Federation witth the University of Toronto, which also means that Trinity College students are bound by the policies developed by the Governing Council of the University of Toronto, applicable to all of its students.  All University of Toronto policies are found on the Governing Council website and key policies that Trinity students should read and understand include:

Code of Student Conduct and Student's Companion to the Code of Conduct

Alcohol Policy


Human Rights

Sexual Harrassment