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Faculty of Divinity Grading Policy



Letter Number  Grade Point
A+ 90-100 4.0
A 85-89 4.0
A- 80-84 3.7
B+ 77-79 3.3
B 73-76 3.0
B- 70-72 2.7
FZ 0-69 0.0

Passing grade for individual courses: B- 70
Minimal GPA required for graduation: 2.7
A supplemental examination is possible for grades from 60-69.

Grades without numerical equivalent:

  • P: Pass (not considered for averaging purposes)
  • INC: Permanent incomplete (averaged at 40)
  • SDF: Standing deferred (a temporary extension)
  • IPR: Course in progress
  • WDR: Withdrawal without academic penalty

Course work must be submitted by the last day of classes. Where there is good cause, and with the permission of the instructor, students may request an extension (SDF) beyond the last day of classes. No student is permitted to carry more than two SDF’s into a subsequent semester. Any additional SDF’s must be converted into INC’s, the student to make the designation.

To receive an SDF the student must return the completed authorized form to the Dean by the next-to-last class meeting of the course. The petition is then brought before the Committee of the Teaching Staff for its consideration. Trinity professors are required to submit a mark for each student on the basis of work completed. Once an SDF has been approved, work must be turned in to the Divinity Office by the assigned deadline, or the “mark on the basis of work completed” becomes the official mark for the course.

A student who has three or more marks of SDF, INC or F on his or her record for the previous twelve months as of the beginning of the Michaelmas term will not be permitted to register for the new academic year. After a lapse of one term, such a student may apply for permission to register in the following September or thereafter.


Student academic requests should, with the exception of course drop/adds within the specified deadlines, and requests for extensions as above, be submitted in the form of a letter to the Chair of the Committee of the Teaching Staff (i.e. the Dean of Divinity). These petitions come before the Committee at its meetings, which are held approximately 12 times per year. Following each meeting, students are advised by letter whether their petitions were successful.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Faculty of Divinity
416 978-2133