Introduction: The University of Toronto's Major in Ethics, Society, and Law (ES&L)

In the Ethics, Society, and Law Major we investigate a wide variety of social and political issues. We aim to assess both the nature of an issue in question, and its normative dimensions: what is right or wrong about it, and what is its relationship to the law? There are various disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences that can help us arrive at reasonable answers to such questions. A number of these disciplines are combined in the program.

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on:

--TRN303H1 Ethics and Society

--TRN407Y1 Community Research Partnerships in Ethics

--TRN412H1 Senior Seminar in Ethics, Society and Law

--TRN425Y1 Law Workshops  

Also, lave a look at ETH401H1Y Seminar in Ethics, a course which offers priority to ES&Lers, and includes regular seminars with leading authors in ethics, offered by UofT's Centre for Ethics, located at Trinity ( 

We call the Ethics, Society, and Law (ES&L) program "E, S, AND L" for short.

ES&L is a Type 2 limited enrolment program. 

If you are requesting the program at the end of first year, enrolment is limited to students with an overall average of 77% or higher in 3 FCEs (at the end of first year) selected from courses that are categorized as BR=2 and/or BR=3. Please note that TRN170Y1 can also be included as a full credit towards selection even though it is classified as BR=1+2.

However, a 77% average does not guarantee an invitation to ES&L. In recent years we have been receiving 350-400 requests for ES&L in the two request rounds each spring and summer. We can only accommodate about 70 new students each year. Thus we prioritise students according to best averages in the relevant course categories.     

For students applying at the end of second year, a minimal overall average of 77% is required in 3 FCEs from courses that count towards the program including at least 1.0 FCE from:  

ETH201H1, ETH210H1, ETH220H1, ETH230H1, PHL265H1, PHL271H1, PHL275H1, and POL200Y1.

In either case, achieving the threshold mark does not necessarily guarantee admission to the program in any given year. Applications beyond second year will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For more ES&L information, interactive discussion, and current announcements please log on to Agora ES&L.

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Mindful Journals

mindful journal 2012Mindful is an undergraduate journal that is affiliated with the Ethics, Society, and Law program at Trinity College, University of Toronto. The undergraduate ES&L program is distinctively interdisciplinary, emphasizing and engaging with issues that have both theoretical and practical resonance. Mindful has a similarly interdisciplinary mission: the journal seeks to gather excellent undergraduate papers in a range of fields that address topics that are relevant to society today.