The International Relations Program at Trinity College

The International Relations Program is a well respected interdisciplinary undergraduate program within the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts & Science that is hosted by Trinity College.

The Program is designed to equip students with knowledge of the international system using the methods of historical, political, economic and social scientific analysis.

Faculty, Staff and Student Groups

The Director of the International Relations Program is Professor Tim Sayle. Tim Sayle is Assistant Professor of History and a Senior Fellow of the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History.

Program faculty are drawn from the Departments of Economics, History, Political Science and related social science disciplines, and supplemented with experienced practitioners and respected visiting scholars of international relations.

Have a question about the Program? Check out the links on the right, or contact the Program Administrator, Ms. Marilyn Laville, at 416-946-8950 or by email at

Students often choose to get involved with the International Relations Society. Contact the IRS.