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Chancellor William C. Graham Awards

Chancellor Graham Awards Recognize Positive Change-Makers from the Trinity College Community

2019 Chancellor Awards Recipients

Chancellor Graham with members of the Trinity community who received the inaugural 2019 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards.

Do you know a member of the Trinity College community who leads by positive example or inspires others? Nominate them for the 2023 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards by Monday, October 16, 2023 at 4 pm (ET).

The Hon. Bill Graham served as Trinity’s 12th Chancellor from 2007 until his passing in August 2022. When these annual awards were created in 2019, Chancellor Graham remarked: “I am truly honoured and humbled that the College has named this award in my name. I encourage all members of our community to support the College in whatever way you can to make Trinity and the broader community a more inspiring, civil and caring place.”

“Chancellor Graham was always Trinity’s champion, supporting us in every way and ensuring a bright future for the college. Extraordinarily generous, he made a difference through his immeasurable contributions to Trinity and beyond, and he inspired so many others to do the same,” Provost Mayo Moran said. “With the Chancellor William C. Graham Awards, we honour his memory and legacy, and the impact he has had on the Trinity community. I know that Chancellor Graham would be truly proud of this year’s recipients for helping to make the College a more welcoming and positive place.”

The Chancellor William C. Graham Awards are given annually to individuals in the four categories: current students; administrative and service staff; academic staff; and alumni.

Details of the award and nomination process are below. If you have any questions, or require an alternate format for the nomination form, please email provost@trinity.utoronto.ca.

The Chancellor William C. Graham Awards

The Chancellor William C. Graham Awards recognize individuals who have made a significant impact on the Trinity community. Awards are given annually in each of the following categories:

  1. Current Students
  2. Administrative and Service Staff *
  3. Academic Staff, Faculty, Librarians, Fellows, Associates and Teaching Staff
  4. Alumni

*Please note, members of Trinity’s senior administrative team are not eligible for nomination.

Recipients will be selected based on a demonstrated commitment to improving the spirit of caring and fostering a positive environment in the Trinity community. The Provost will chair the selection committee, which includes members from across the College. Examples of areas where contributions might be made: volunteer activities, mentorship, student life, student organizations, student services, staff services, innovative teaching or program development, athletics. Recipients will be dedicated members of the community who have made a positive difference through their commitment, generosity, initiative, creativity or skill. These awards are intended to recognize community contributions that go beyond the responsibilities and expectations of the individual’s role.

Nomination process:
  1. Individuals may be nominated by anyone in the Trinity College community.
  2. The nomination may be made for recent contributions (beginning September 2022) or based on service over a longer term.
  3. The nominator must complete the 2023 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards – Online Nomination Form including a statement detailing the nominee’s suitability for this award.
  4. The nominator must submit the nomination form by Monday, October 16, 2023 at 4:00 pm (ET).



2023 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards:

  • Mariana Castrillon
  • Walter Deller
  • Carae Henry
  • Carolyn Kearns
  • Emily Qin
  • Michael Royce
  • Tim Sayle
  • Gabriel Wee

2022 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards:

  • Urania Gavris
  • Michael Kessler
  • Imran Koehnen
  • Erin McCuaig
  • Alex McLean
  • Abhishek Moturu
  • Gerry Noble
  • Raquel Serrano

2021 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards:

  • Quain Buchanan
  • Hriday Chheda
  • Yohan Dumpala
  • The Rev’d Canon Philip Hobson
  • Louise James
  • Judith Lavin
  • Andrew McFarlane
  • Melissa Monteiro
  • Samantha Parker
  • Leanne Toshiko Simpson
  • Nicole Spiegelaar
  • Evangeline Tsagarakis

2020 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards:

  • Lydia Angarso: Current Student
  • Rachel Berger-Viflanzoff: Current Student
  • Jerome Chang: Administrative Staff
  • Sophia DiNicolo: Current Student
  • John Duncan: Faculty
  • Nancy Graham: Alumni
  • Andrea Ho: Alumni
  • Geoffrey Ready: Teaching Staff
  • Ludwik Satel: Service Staff
  • Ramata Tarawally: Administrative Staff
  • Foti Vito: Current Student
  • Peter Wismath: Alumni
  • Sydney Yeung: Administrative Staff

2019 Chancellor William C. Graham Awards:

  • Jill Carmichael Adolphe: Alumni
  • Marvin Chen: Administrative Staff
  • Joy Fitzgibbon: Faculty, Fellow
  • Coreen Lowe: Service Staff
  • Meredith Meads: Administrative Staff
  • Allison MacDonald: Administrative Staff
  • Nathan Postma: Alumni
  • Stephen Scharper: Faculty, Fellow
  • Christine Sutcliffe: Current Student
  • Sebastian Warma: Current Student