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Locker Rentals


Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for the academic year (September to April). The fee is $30 per year ($25 for renewals). Lockers can be rented by visiting the Welcome Desk at Trinity College. When you come to rent your locker, please bring a valid TCard.

Locker Rentals: Regulations


The Trinity College lock assigned to you MUST be kept on the locker at all times. Should you replace the College lock with your own lock, your lock will be removed. Your locker must be cleaned out by April 30th. If you wish to renew your rental agreement, please come to the Office of the Dean of Students before April 30th to pay for an additional year’s rental at a renewal rate of $25.

After April 30th, the College will remove all items in lockers that have not been renewed. To claim belongings that have been removed, please bring photo ID and a $25 handling fee to the Office of the Dean of Students during business hours. Two weeks after the end of term, any unclaimed belongings will be discarded or donated to charity. Trinity College disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage to any belongings left in lockers or removed for the above reasons.

Locker Rentals: Locations

Locker Locations
  • Women: west end, basement in the Gerald Larkin Building, and the main floor washroom in St. Hilda’s College
  • Men: east end, basement in the Gerald Larkin Building



In the John W. Graham Library, assigned carrels with associated lockers are available to graduate students in the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity. Click here for more information and how to apply for a carrel.

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Dean of Students