Residence Phone System

Every residence room is equipped with a telephone set, voicemail and an active phone line. DO NOT bring your own phone set: it will not function on the College phone system. The cost of the phone set and local service are included in residence fees. 


Extension number

Your 4-digit extension number is your room number preceded by a "4" (St. Hilda's) or "6" (Trinity). If you are in a double with two phone sets, the second extension number is your room number preceded by a "3" or "5" respectively. The extension number appears on the screen of your phone set.

Calls from outside

To reach a resident, outside callers should call 416-978-2522 (main number) and will prompted to enter the 4-digit extension or press "0" for assistance. "0" directs the call to whichever Porter is free to take a call.

Placing an internal call

All residents and Trinity administrative staff can be reached through a 4-digit extension.

Placing an external local call

Enter "9" plus the 10-digit number. Note: Trinity is NOT on the University of Toronto Centrex system, even though Trinity numbers have the same 978- and 946- prefixes.  Calls to/from U of T require 10-digit dialing.

Long distance

Long distance calls are not available from residence rooms on the College telephone system.  Long distance calling cards are available at local retail outlets.  Toll-free calls (e.g. 1-800) can be made, but  operator-assisted calls (e.g. 411, 1-900) are blocked.

Phone sets

Information on phone set features can be found in the manual. The sets are designed to work only on the Trinity phone system and will not work elsewhere. Likewise, other sets will not work on the Trinity system. Trinity's phone sets (Meridian 3902s) are worth $250 each. The occupant of the room will be charged with replacement cost if the set is damaged or removed.

Voicemail ("Call Pilot")

All residence extensions have voicemail. The default greeting is "The person at extension xxxx is not available. Please leave a message after the tone". Information on customizing your greeting and retrieving messages can be found in the manual.


Please e-mail or call the Bursar's Office (ext. 2613) and we will respond as soon as we can. Do not call Bell Canada - it is not our phone service provider.