Independent Studies


Independent Studies offers students the opportunity to pursue in-depth an idea of their own choosing under the one-on-one mentorship of leading faculty.

There are different routes to Independent Studies. For some it is an idea that grabs hold; for others a particular professor. As a research-intensive university, there’s a responsibility to involve students as early as possible in the research process. A significant part of this process is the opportunity to engage one-on-one with faculty – to learn both about research and researchers. Independent Studies can also be an opportunity for both the student and faculty to engage in collaboration across academic units, something that can be creative and rewarding for both faculty and student.

Independent Studies brings students to the core of a university – the development of new knowledge and new ideas. For many students in their senior years, it is an opportunity to explore ideas that they might be contemplating for study at the graduate level. It acquaints them with leading academics in their area at other universities and has led them to apply and be accepted in the programs at these universities.

Pursuing in-depth individual research can be an intensely gratifying experience. This is what we want to aim at. We want to help in as many ways as possible for students to understand knowledge; how to obtain it, manage it, and use it to help their lives and those of others. We need thinkers who are not afraid to challenge scientific, social, or political convention; people who thrive in pushing back the boundaries of knowledge.

Knowledge is at the core of the 21st century and knowledge is the currency of the university. Independent Studies an essential part of developing new knowledge.

We cannot stress strongly enough our commitment to undergraduate research and the validity and import of this research within the innovation ecosystem that is this University.

For more information about Independent Studies, please visit the following pages: Independent Studies TRN courses, application process & course structure, and frequently asked questions.

Leslie Boehm

Leslie Boehm
Director, Independent Studies and Comprehensive Paper

"Being a part of this rigorous Independent Studies program has taught me key analytical and critical research skills...

I can testify that it is indeed an exciting, self-exploring, and extremely valuable learning experience."  

Learn more about Maria Medeleanu's Independent Studies research on Thalassemia

Maria Medeleanu – Trinity College Class of 2020; now PhD candidate, Department of Physiology, U of T:

“The Trinity Independent Studies Program provided me the opportunity to conduct a full-year of extensive and independent research on E/Beta Thalassemia transfusion and chelation therapy. Thalassemias are a group of inherited disorders that impair the synthesis of hemoglobin globulin chains. The practical demand for better management E/B thalassemia is well defined given its growing proportion of global healthcare budgets. Despite its severity and frequency, E thalassemia remains inadequately managed; little is known about its natural history, the reasons for its clinical diversity, or its optimal management.

This independent study course provided me the opportunity to make use of high-quality medical records from a partnership between Sri Lanka and Canadian hospitals to determine what factors contribute to ideal thalassemia management strategies. It resulted in two presentations at the Trinity College Undergraduate Research Conference (TCURC), and the Can-GARD Rare Disease Research Day.

Being a part of this rigorous program has taught me key analytical and critical research skills, which I found extremely valuable in my summer internships, my Master’s program, and now in my Doctoral studies. I can testify that it is indeed an exciting, self-exploring, and extremely valuable learning experience.”


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Director, Independent Studies and Comprehensive Paper

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