G7/G8/G20 Summit Collection

The G7/G8/G20 research collection is a unique resource consisting of materials (print, realia, and other media) emanating from the summits of the major industrialized, democratic countries, ministerial meetings and individual summit countries; and descriptive and analytical material produced by the G8/G20 Research Group at the University of Toronto and worldwide. It is housed in the  John W. Graham Library at the Munk School of Global Affairs at Trinity College, University of Toronto. Managed as a special collection, it is available for consultation in the G8 Research Room of the Library.

Actively collected by the Research Group since the 1988 Toronto Summit (with additional material from all earlier summits as well), the collection serves, in the absence of an official secretariat of the summits, as a repository of the collective memory of that important global institution, accompanied by descriptive and analytical works of members of the Research Group and other scholars and practitioners.

For a detailed finding aid to the collection see the Collection Finding Aid.

  • major summit documents (communiqués, declarations, and other reports)
  • minor summit documents (schedules, media information)
  • documents from individual summit countries (briefings and speeches, background documents, press releases)
  • documents of bilateral meetings
  • materials from non-G7/G8 groups (governments, civil society and others)
  • “The Other Economic Summit” (TOES)
  • transcripts of wire services
  • country files and issue files (for example, macroeconomics, North/South issues, environment, trade, reform of the United Nations and of international financial institutions, transnational crime, global information society)
  • work of the G8 Research Group (analytical studies, reports)
  • writings about the G7/G8 (books and articles)
  • realia, including promotional material and press kits issued by the host countries

The G7/G8/G20 Research Collection is complemented by the G8 Information Centre, an authoritative, permanent web-based resource (www.g8.utoronto.ca). Both are available to serve the research and information needs of the academic community, the media, business, civil society and the public at large.