First-Year Learning Communities

Trinity College's Life Science First-Year Learning Community (FLC) that is part of the Faculty of Arts and Science's FLC program.  As a Trinity student you can opt for this FLC, or consider some of the other FLCs available.  For more information, make sure to check out the official FLC website.

What exactly is a FLC?

Here is what the FLC website has to say:

The First-Year Learning Communities (FLC) Program in the Faculty of Arts and Science is designed to improve the transitional experience for first-year students.

FLCs provide first-year students with the opportunity to meet classmates, develop friendships, form study groups, and develop academic and personal skills. FLCs also introduce students to the resources, opportunities, culture, and benefit of the campus and its surrounding community.

A FLC is a group of 24-30 students in the same area of study, who will be enrolled in some of the same core courses and will meet regularly outside of class time for useful and fun activities. The sessions are facilitated by an upper-year Peer Mentor and an Assistant Peer Mentor with the support of staff and/or faculty advisors.  The content of FLC meetings will address three broad transition areas: academic, developmental, and social. Some of the topics that may be covered in FLC meetings include: time management, study strategies, campus traditions and history, mastering tests and exams, choosing a program of study, and career explorations. There will also be recreational and social activities, and much more!

There is no cost to participate in a FLC and participation earns you an extracurricular notation on your university transcript!