Theatre FAQs

At this time, the George Ignatieff Theatre has been closed due to its proximity to the development site for the Lawson Centre for Sustainability.

Please visit the George Ignatieff Theater home page  for further information.


If after viewing the frequently asked questions, information and documents below, you still have questions and concerns, contact us directly at 416-978-4166 or via email at We will respond to your questions within 3 to 4 business days.

Helpful Resources


How many people does the theatre hold?

The maximum seating capacity is 178, including organizers and ushers who must have an assigned seat if they wish to attend the event. There is no standing room available.

The seats are fixed and each seat is equipped with a small fold-away desk. Each row has a letter; each seat has a number. (There is a Seating plan available.)

The last row of seats, which are on the same level as the lobby floor, are recommended for patrons who have difficulty negotiating stairs. There is a gap in the center section and an additional two seats are removable.

Is public transit nearby?

Trinity College is located near two TTC subway stations:

  • St. George Subway Station, Bedford Street Exit: walk South to Bloor, cross Bloor Street, turn right (west) and walk around Varsity Stadium along Devonshire Place, turn left at first staircase, turn left at top of stairs (the theatre is on the right.)
  • Museum Subway Station: walk south to Hoskin Avenue, do not cross street as it turns but continue walking west to Devonshire Place (first right), turn right (north) and walk north to first staircase, turn left at top of stairs (the theatre is on the right.)

Click here to view the Google Street Map

Is there parking close to the theatre?

There are several options for parking near Trinity College:

Is the venue accessible?

The theatre is accessible to audience members.  There is an accessible washroom between the Buttery and the theatre lobby. Please see GIT Accessible Route for directions. If you need accommodations please contact the event organizers directly.

The stage and dressing rooms are not accessible.

Is there a lobby area for guests?

The theatre has a small lobby that is sufficient for ticket sales, displays, and small receptions.  For large receptions and video overflow, please contact Trinity Catering and Events for alternative campus rooms.

Can I purchase bottled water on campus?

The University of Toronto is bottled water free!  What does this mean? As of fall 2011, bottled water was phased out on the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus – an environmental initiative spearheaded by students.  Food service providers and vending machines no longer stock bottled water. Water fountains across campus have been fitted with fill-up stations for re-usable bottles and guests are discouraged from bringing bottled water.

With its reputation for promoting sustainability, Trinity College enthusiastically joined this initiative. We invite our patrons at the George Ignatieff Theatre to fill up at our water stations with their own re-usable bottles.


How can I check to see if the theatre is available?

Consult our George Ignatieff Theatre Google Calendar. This resource will give you a good “starting place” to determine if the theatre may be available.

How do I reserve the theatre?

The theatre is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. It is in high demand and the schedule changes frequently. The theatre schedule for the coming academic year is open to external requests and confirmations for evening and weekend use in the following year start as early as April.

To request a date, complete the Theatre Rental Inquiry Form. Once the form is submitted, the Theatre Manager will respond with a quotation, information about availability, or with additional questions. You will be asked if you would like a contract to be prepared. Bookings are confirmed by receipt of a signed contract and payment. The theatre is not “held” or “reserved” without a contract except during the period while the contract is pending. Once a contract lapses, any temporary holds are removed and the theatre becomes available for booking.

How much does the theatre cost to rent?

The theatre rates are posted on the website and will vary according to what level of support you need and how long you plan to book the theatre. Multi-day performance bookings and limited stage use events (like lectures and conferences) pay a lower fee than a single one-day performance. Additionally, University of Toronto Campus-recognized clubs, U of T Departments, schools and not-for-profit community groups are eligible for discounts. You can view the rental rates here.

How do I confirm my booking?

Sign the contract and send it back to us with the payment amount requested. Multi-day bookings usually pay a deposit to confirm their booking and then pay the balance later. If you are only paying part of the total fee, a payment schedule will be included in your contract. You may be required to provide evidence of liability insurance. Bookings are not complete and the contract is not confirmed until you have signed and returned your contract with the required payment.

What if I have to cancel my booking after the contract has been confirmed?

Our cancellation policy is as follows and applies to any portion of your booking:

  1. If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the date of your event, we will refund your rental fee less a cancellation charge of the greater of $250 and 25% of your rental fee. The cancellation charge is non- refundable and non-transferable.
  2. If you cancel between 14 days to 60 days prior to your booking, we will refund your rental feel less the greater of $250 and 50% of your rental fee.
  3. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to your booking, there is no refund.

Can I re‐schedule my booking after the contract has been confirmed?

We permit you to cancel any date and re-book during the same academic year, once per contract and only if there are at least 60 days remaining before the date that is changed. The re-booking fee for this service is $75. Up to 14 days prior to your booking, you may adjust your hours of work on any day (assuming the time and technicians are available at the new times requested), without incurring any additional fees. If you have to re-schedule an entire day, it is treated as a cancellation and is subject to the same cancellation fees listed above.

What equipment is available?

Consult Theatre Technical Information for equipment descriptions or schedule a phone call or a tour to discuss your specific equipment needs with the Theatre Manager.

How early can I access the space to start setting up?

For rehearsals, you can expect to arrive with your technician(s) at the start of your booking period. For events that involve a live audience, your technician(s) will start setting up 60 to 90 minutes prior to your published event start time unless you book additional time.

How quickly do I need to leave after my event ends?

Your technician will expect that your event will end on time and will work with you to ensure that the tidy-up and reset can be completed within the scheduled 30 minutes. If your event is complex or if you think that you may need to run later, please book additional time.