Inside the George Ignatieff Theatre

George Ignatieff Theatre


About the Theatre

The George Ignatieff Theatre (GIT) is a multi-purpose assembly hall located on the ground floor of the Gerald Larkin Building (15 Devonshire Place).  At 178-seats, it is the largest of the Trinity College classrooms.  When not needed for classes, the theatre hosts lectures, meetings, conferences, music concerts, dance recitals, and plays.  Events are organized by students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends from Trinity College, University of Toronto, and the community.  The GIT is the home of the Trinity College Dramatic Society.

The theatre was built in 1979 and was named in honour of Dr. George Ignatieff, who served as the 9th Provost of Trinity College from 1972 to 1978.  Interested in learning more?  Take the Virtual Tour of Trinity College.

Teaching a Class in the GIT

Classroom Setup on the GIT Stage with a trestle table in the centre, the podium stage left, and the projection screen in front of the blackboards.

Typical Classroom Setup with Projection.

From blackboards and chalk to projection and live-streaming, the GIT is ready to support your class.  Please bring your laptop or use the computer provided by Trinity College.  Click here for resources for teaching staff, including information on what you can expect for AV support in the GIT and other  Trinity College classrooms.

Planning an Event, Conference or Performance

If you are planning a lecture, conference or performance, you have come to to the right place.

Note:  We are participating in the gradual re-opening that is taking place across the U of T campus.  We are able to book the theatre for in-person events.

  • Start with the Visual Venue Guide.
  • Next, check our online Theatre Calendar (temporarily unavailable).
  • Then, explore the Theatre Rental FAQs for equipment, staffing, catering, and more.
  • If your event needs are complex, consult the Theatre Tech Specs.
  • Last stop is the Rental Rates page with our Rental Inquiry form to request a telephone call, in-person tour, or virtual consultation.

Trinity College students:  Start your journey at Student Clubs and Activities for information about organizing club activities in the theatre and to learn about the Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS), our resident theatre company.   All Trinity College, student events are approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.


For the first time in my life, I felt part of a community where I truly belonged.

From the day I enrolled I found myself involved in debating, dramatics and even campus politics, all of which provided me with much pleasure as well as sorely needed self-confidence.

- George Ignatieff, Trinity College Provost (1972-1979) & alumnus (Class of 1936). The theatre is named in his honour.

George Ignatieff stands in front of Trinity College

The Making of a Peacemonger : the Memoirs of George Ignatieff by George Ignatieff (Penguin Books, 1987: 48-9.)