Inside the George Ignatieff Theatre

George Ignatieff Theatre

The George Ignatieff Theatre (GIT) is a multi-purpose assembly hall. During the academic term, the GIT is used as a classroom during the day. In the evenings, on weekends, and outside of term, it is used for lectures, conferences, music concerts, dance recitals, plays and performances of all kinds. It is the home of the Trinity College Dramatic Society.

Summer 2021: All Trinity College buildings (Trinity proper, St. Hilda’s College, Gerald Larkin, John W. Graham Library/Munk School) will remain closed to the public and visitors.

If you are interesting in booking the GIT for your event:
If you are an instructor and teaching a class in the GIT (or at another Trinity classroom):
  • Click here for resources for teaching staff, including information on teaching in the theatre/classroom and what you can expect for AV support. This information is currently being revised to meet health and safety requirements.
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