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Trinity One Faculty and Staff

Marsela Braunstein Jessica Cammaert Simone Davis

Prof. Marsela Braunstein

TRN135Y – Science and Social Choice

Dr. Jessica Cammaert – Raval

TRN152Y – Justice & Global Conflict

Dr. Simone Davis

TRN171Y – Ethics and the Public Sphere

Joy Fitzgibbon Susan He Trinity One Michael Kessler

Prof. Joy Fitzgibbon, Associate Director

TRN136Y – Canadian Health Policy in the Global Context

TRN151Y – Global Governance


Susan He, Program Coordinator

Prof. Michael Kessler, Director, Raymond Pryke Chair

TRN172Y – Ethics and the Law

Michael Ratcliffe Igor Shoikhedbrod

Prof. Michael Ratcliffe, Dean of Arts

TRN225Y – The Art of Health Science Discovery

Dr. Igor Shoikhedbrod

TRN172Y – Ethics and the Law

TRN162Y – Political Economy and Social Inequality




Dr. Olga Rojas

TRN125Y – Contemporary Issues in Health Science

Prof. Stephen Scharper

TRN140Y – Ethics, Humans, and Nature

Nicole Spiegelaar

TRN141Y – Environmental Science and Pathways to Sustainability (on leave)