Academic Advising


We are pleased to offer many opportunities for you to connect with members of the Office of the Registrar to ensure you are adequately supported both during the time leading up to your arrival on campus, and after classes begin in September. These include our Trin 101 online summer program and one-on-one advising. You can speak with an advisor in the Office of the Registrar at any time to ask questions or to discuss academic, financial, or personal issues.

Click here for information about student support services, including health & wellness programs.

Arts & Science Calendar and Timetable

Your first step is to review the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar, Course Enrollment Instructions, and Timetable.  Having a basic understanding of these documents will improve your experience in all of our advising programs and make them more productive.

Trin 101 Online Summer Program

Our Trin 101 online program will run over the entire summer.   These modules will include an explanation of degree and program requirements, course scheduling, and online enrollment. We will also discuss more general academic issues, financials, residence life, student life, health and wellness, and many topics that you might encounter as you adapt to university.  We will also introduce you to the many support services that the college and university have in place to assist you in first year and beyond.  Our Trin 101 summer program is a great way to connect with upper-year students, faculty, staff… and even fellow incoming first-year students!  Details and information on how to join in will be available for newly admitted students in the spring.

One-on-One Advising

For incoming students who have any questions around your academics, you can book an appointment (contact to speak with one of our advisors and ask specific questions about choosing courses based on your personal plans and circumstances.

If possible, before your one-on-one advising session, we encourage you to read the Getting Started Resource Guide (which will be posted in the Trin 101 course on Quercus in the spring). It will help us save some time in our actual session, and help you to prepare more specific questions.


Questions? Contact:

Office of the Registrar