Orientation Week

All incoming Trinity College students are encouraged to participate in Orientation Week, held each September before classes start. Orientation Week gives is an opportunity to get to know other newly admitted students, upper-year students, faculty, and staff, all while exploring Trinity College and the broader University of Toronto campus. The week is planned by Trinity College student leaders under the direction of the Office of the Dean of students and with input from community through the Orientation Advisory Committee.  The week is designed to help facilitate your social and academic transition to university life. While orientation week activities differ from year to year, a number of traditional events, supports, and resources are provided annually.

Orientation 2022


Maryam Rehman - Orientation Coordinator

Hello Everyone! My name is Maryam Rehman and I am a fourth-year student, currently pursuing a Double-Major in International Relations and Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies. I served as the Trinity College Orientation Coordinator for 2021, and am excited to return for 2022! 

I enjoyed working with other students and community members at Trinity College to put together a great experience for all incoming students and look forward to doing so again. To get in touch with me you can e-mail orientation@trinity.utoronto.ca and I’ll get back to you with more information!

Public Health Guidelines

Please note that the Trinity College Orientation Program is being planned as an in person experience. To attend these programs students will be required to register and must adhere to all University of Toronto guidelines.  Should public health recommendations change between now and September our Orientation team will be in touch via e-mail with all registered participants.

Your Orientation Executive Team

Your Orientation Executive team is made up of the Orientation Coordinator and a team of 12 Orientation Executives who bring experience from various years and programs.  The Orientation Program is being prepared by:

Orientation Executives:

Orientation Exec - Bhavnoor
Bhavnoor Pannu
2nd Year
Physiology, Global Health, & Equity

Claire Hur - Orientation Week Executive

Claire Hur
4th year
Physiology & Immunology

Ellie Twohey - O Week Exec

Ellie Twohey
2nd Year
Ethics, Society, & Law & Poli Sci

Howard Kuo - O Week Exec

Howard Kuo
4th year
History & Classics

James Wang - O Week Exec

James Wang
2nd Year
Poli Sci & Philosophy

Jennifer Li - Orientation Exec

Jennifer Li
3rd Year
Cog Sci, Crim, & Sociology

Orientation Exec Mohammad

Mohammad Sardar Sheikh
4th Year
Statistics, economics, & Math

Nivaal Rehman - Orientation Exec

Nivaal Rehman
4th Year
In’t Relations, Peace, Conflict, & Justice + Women & Gender

Orientation Exec Taha

Taha Sayed Aboshanab
2nd Year

Taylan Gurpinar - Orientation Exec

Taylan Gurpinar
3rd Year
Finance & Economics

Tianshu Yin - Orientation Exec
Tianshu Yin

3rd Year
Economics, Psychology, & Statistics

XinYi Li - Orientation Exec

XinYi (Cindy) Li
3rd Year
Statistics, Social Psych, & Economics

Orientation Schedule

Orientation Schedule 

Below is the preliminary Orientation schedule for September 2022. This gives you a general overview of what we’ll be doing (and when).  As the summer continues and we finalize our bookings we’ll be updating this schedule with event details so you know where to go and what we’ll be doing!  Check below the images for an accessible version of our schedule.

Preliminary Orientation Schedule 2022

Orientation 2022 Accessible Schedule

Registration - NOW OPEN!

Registration is now open!

Orientation fees are automatically charged to all incoming students through their ACORN account, however you must register! To register for the Trinity College Orientation visit the Newly Admitted Students Hub on the Trinity College website, and complete all of the required reading (specifically Step #4 about the Community Standards).

More information about Orientation (and opportunities to connect with student leaders and Orientation organizers are available through the Trin101 Quercus Shell.

Coming to Campus

Coming to Campus

Planning to attend Orientation in person this September?  Our Trin101 Online Orientation outlined a number of helpful tips and tricks.  If you’re not a newly admitted Trinity College student, some key pieces are below!

Public Transit

Explore Transportation options on the St. George campus (Links to an external site.)

There are three subway stations surrounding UofT campus. For an interactive TTC subway map, please click here. (Links to an external site.)

St. George Station – 8 minute walk to Trinity College Map of Trinity to St.George station
Museum Station – 6 minute walk to Trinity College Museum Station to Trinity College Map

Queens Park Station – 11 minute walk to Trinity College



Queens park station to Trinity College Map

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

The TTC is Toronto’s public transportation system.


The TTC posts its fares online (Links to an external site.) for everything from single tokens to weekly and monthly passes.

Post-secondary students can purchase a discounted monthly Metropass (Links to an external site.); a Metropass allows you unlimited travel in a specific month on all regular TTC services. If you purchase a Metropass, you must obtain a Post-Secondary TTC Student Photo ID (Links to an external site.) as your discounted Metropass is only valid when accompanied by said ID; there is a small fee for the photo ID card.

The TTC offers priority seating (Links to an external site.) on all TTC vehicles for customers with disabilities.

Service Updates

Stay up-to-date with TTC delays and service updates by following the TTC Notices Twitter account (Links to an external site.) and find real-time schedules of buses, trains and streetcars using the Transit App (Links to an external site.)

GO Transit

The GO Transit (Links to an external site.) system is the regional public transit service for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, with routes extending to communities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.


GO Transit posts their fares online (Links to an external site.). You can use a PRESTO card (Links to an external site.) to obtain added savings. With PRESTO, the more you travel, the more discounted the fare is. You can also use the PRESTO card for the TTC in place of tokens. Information on GO’s Student ID is available on the TCard websiteLinks to an external site..

Most students take a GO train or bus to a TTC subway station and then take the TTC to Queen’s Park Station (Links to an external site.).


GO system maps are available online (Links to an external site.).



Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students directly regarding accommodation of highly sensitive or personal information (deanofstudents@trinity.utoronto.ca) including any accommodations (e.g., dietary, mobility, interpretation services, etc.) required for your participation in Trinity Orientation Week 2022.

Please note that we do our best to meet our community’s accessibility needs, but will require advanced notice to ensure that we can make these arrangements in a timely manner.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding orientation please e-mail:
for more details.

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Dean of Students
6 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto ON M5S 1H8